A New Chapter!

I finally took the leap and entered into the blogging community. I have been toying with the idea now for over 2 years and today was the day. I follow many blogs that range from fitness and health to fashion and traveling. Most of them live in different states than me so I have never met them but I feel like I know them (creepy?). Some of these girls have inspired me and allowed me to discover new things that I probably would never have discovered if I did not follow their blog. I have a few friends who think blogging is wierd and “why would people waste their time?” and I have a couple that do blog…whats up Jamily and Steph?!?… but it really is a community that you can reach out to for advice as well as making friendships and for that I say sign me up!! Also, I live in a different state than my family and most of my friends so this will also allow them to follow me on something other than facebook.

I have spent countless hours thinking of a name for this blog and receiving some great ideas from Alex, love you, but I finally thought of one last night on my drive home from Memphis that just clicked. My shih tzu, Charlee has been a big part of my life now for over 3 years so I felt it appropriate for her to play a part in the blog, hence Life’s a Shih Tzu. More posts on her in the near future!

This blog will follow my life and interests as well as go with me on my weekly travels for work. You will most likely see my fiance, Alex, who I love so so much, appear on this blog as well as Charlee the shih tzu, she pretty much rocks! You will experience Music City and all its amazingess and so much more. I try to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle but my love for cheeseburgers gets the best of me at times.

This is also a special day now in more than one way though…October 19, 2012 marks the official one year countdown until Alex and I get married! Woop!! Woop!! Hi Alex!!

I hope you enjoy my blog =)


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