Hip Hip Hooray!

Hey there!

Charlee aka Chuck!

It is currently 10pm on Thursday night and I was finally able to access my blog again! I really have no idea what happened or the technicalities involved but it is resolved and this little blog I started over a year ago is now up and running again.

A lot has happened since my first post. The most important being, Alex and I got MARRIED on October 19! Best. Day. Ever! We actually just got back from our honeymoon to St Lucia a couple weeks ago. Breaking up this crazy winter with a tropical vacation was such a great idea. I actually think it helped keep me sane!  I may just write a post on our trip soon.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-697

Alex and I no longer live in Nashville either. Boooooo! We both took chances and worked for smaller companies that ultimately led to us not working for those companies anymore. This also led us to moving up to Ohio with his parents until we got back on our feet again. Now, we are happy in Columbus which is truly a unique city! I am also on the path to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. Woop!! I have always known that fitness is a passion of mine it just took me a while to take that leap! I am so excited and really enjoying the studying so far? Never thought I would ever say that but I realize that as I am getting older it is good to learn new things and keep the brain stimulated!

As far as this blog goes, now that I am over a year out from the first and last post I wrote, I want this to be a blog where anything goes. Yes, I do want to share my passion for fitness, healthy living and motivation, but I am also a lover of animals, travel, all things food, and just being REAL. I do not have a perfect life but I love the life I live! I have an amazingly, fantastic husband, a sweet, little shih tzu and some really awesome family and friends. I am full of charisma and I am naturally curious and eager to explore! I may be a twenty-something, but I sure do have a lot of experiences under my belt and a lot more experiences and adventures to be had!!!!

While I am on the topic of adventures, I have signed myself up for two half marathons in the near future. So I will have to document on here what worked and didn’t work during my training. I haven’t ran a half marathon since 2010 so I am pretty pumped!

I may be changing the name of this blog to better represent what I want it to convey. It did take a lot of creative thinking and inspiration from my shih tzu, Charlee, but we will see here in the near future what happens, It may just stay.

And with that, I say goodnight.


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