Dear Winter

Dear winter,

I do not hate you, but you have extended your stay far too long. The bitter, cold air and the freezing rain do not feel good on my face. Not to mention the dry, flaky skin that I have been battling. I am new to this winter thing and you certainly have not given me a slow introduction. This morning, after you dumped freezing rain overnight, I took my dog out and fell three times!! THREE!! I haven’t fallen at all this whole winter so far and today I think I created a new record for myself. My bum hurts and my pinky…well, that should grow back.  Also, my black car, which I typically baby and wash religiously, it has 3 months of winter, salt and whatever else is living on the roads all over it because you won’t let up long enough for me to wash it. Sad face.





I think you can call it quits now because you have proven your point…no one messes with you. No one likes you right now. I am fighting SAD by working out everyday and relishing in the few rays of sunlight given to us in the two days it has been out so far. I am anxiously waiting for the day I can actually run outside without dodging ice blocks and slush. The only living thing that actually likes you right now is my dog, Charlee. She has turned into an agility dog with her jumping over 2 feet of snow piles and chasing around snow balls. Its love for her.

That face kills me.

That face kills me.

I am ready for your friend, spring to be here. You aren’t being booted forever but for now we need a break! Bring on the sun, hiking, outdoor runs, bathing suits, and barbeques!!


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