Tuesdays Thoughts


This morning I woke up feeling not so stellar and I think it was due to looking out my window and seeing snow. *sigh*  I immediately put on my workout clothes and hit the gym. There is nothing like a good workout to boost your mood and I left feeling so much better! I did a killer leg workout with some core work that looked like this:

Leg Workout

click to make larger


I also did some agility/speed work. I left the gym a sweaty mess!! Perfect.


Sometimes, when I get back from the gym I don’t feel like cooking anything so I make myself a huge smoothie. I don’t care if its 34 degrees or -10 degrees, I will have a smoothie any time of the year. Today, my smoothie included:

1 cup frozen strawberries, mango, blueberries, and bananas

1 c vanilla yogurt

1 tsp Chia seeds

1/2 c almond milk

Enjoyed in a wine glass.

Enjoyed in a wine glass.

On Saturday, Alex and I went to the mall. It seemed as though everyone else in Columbus had the same idea. That place was a nightmare but I did get some pretty rad workout clothes from Lululemon, so that made up for the craziness.

We woke up on Sunday with the idea to spontaneously go skiing. I had never been skiing before so I was all about it. Mad River Mountain was a short drive and when we got there, I started to get nervous. I am all about adventure and finding the thrill in things, but for some reason my nerves kicked in! We hopped on the ski lift to what Alex thought was the beginner hill…NOPE!! It was definitely the slope where snowboarders were doing tricks and jumps and all sorts of things that didn’t make sense to me. I was on my butt…a lot. All I kept thinking was this is going to be a long day!


We finally found the lift to the green hill and I didn’t fall once! I was so proud of myself. We went down it a few more times so I could really gain my confidence. There were a couple falls because I started to get brave and go straight down. The speed kind of scared me so I would plop. Once we got sick of that slope, we went to a steeper one. The last part of the slope was steep and I freaked out but once I saw Alex, Mr.Pro, go down, I just went for it. I went straight on down and ate it hard!! All I could do was laugh. We decided to go down the beginner slope a couple more times so I could really grasp the slowing down part and then it was time for the big boy slope! I was super nervous because all day, I kept telling myself I won’t go down that one because I saw so many people fall on it and it looked painful. I finally thought to myself, if I can jump out of a plane, I can conquer this slope. I took the leap and made it down the slope! I did fall a couple times but it was graceful. We went down a couple more times and called it quits. It was such a fun day and not to mention I had a pretty handsome instructor!


I can’t wait to go again!

I also can’t wait for spring to be here. It will be so nice to run outside consistently without freezing.

I will be testing out my new compression capris soon and let you all know how they worked out. I have never used compression anything before so I am anxious to see how they work.






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