Ok, so the other day, I decided I am going to challenge myself by doing 1000 burpees in the month of March. That is approximately 250 burpees/week? I figured I would break it down to four days a week of burpees which if I rounded it up would be 65 burpees/day because I don’t like uneven numbers.  I will also add them into my circuit workouts because circuit workouts are my favorite! They keep me entertained and distraction free.

1000 Burpees completed in the month of March!

1000 Burpees completed in the month of March!

Burpees do wonders for your body! They blast fat, keep your heart rate up, target many muscles, and rev up your metabolism which allows for your body to burn calories long after your workout is completed! #WINNING!!!



I love intense workouts and becoming a sweaty mess at the gym. It lets me know I made the most of my workout and burpees definitely kick my butt. I don’t do them as often as I would like so I am going to challenge myself in March and hopefully long after!

There are so many different moves to incorporate into burpess: add in some squats, add in a BOSU ball<—-yesss!!, add in some pull-ups, use weights, incorporate box jumps, etc. Just get creative. If you need ideas, you can always reach out to me. I am full of ideas!!

I want this shirt..real bad!

I want this shirt..real bad!

On another, WAY more exciting note, my best friend, Jamily will be having her TWINS by the end of this week!! I can not wait to meet those little beans!! Jamily and I have been best friends since 2001 and I am so happy for her and her growing family! When she told me she was pregnant again, I was so, so happy for her. A couple weeks later, I had a dream that she had twins but what was strange was her daughter, Eva, was one of them?!?!?! Anyways, I somehow knew she was having twins and she also had a feeling they were twins as well. She called me after her first ultrasound and our intuitions were true….TWINS!! My heart is full!


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