The Challenge

Morning Friends!

It is a cold one here in Columbus and I am not sure what to think about it. Just two days ago, I was out in my tank and running shorts, cleaning my car and hanging out at the park. Now, it’s basically 60 degrees colder and my car has salt all over it again. Ggrrrr!! I can feel that spring is right around the corner though! I do love living up North though because I have learned to appreciate the seasons and being outdoors more when it is nice out! I can also see a difference in Charlee, now that she has spent a good amount of time running around outside. There will definitely be more hiking adventures in the near future for this little family.

I love fetch and big dogs!

I love fetch and bacon!

So far this month, I have completed 300 burpees. I had to take it easy with my workouts last week after my food poisoning incident, but I am back on track this week and so far so good! I love burpees!!! They truly are a full body workout and yesterday, I added in a pull up after each burpee. I love challenging myself. Today, I am thinking of adding in some leg raises.



My workout yesterday was excellent! I focused on upper body and core that went something like this:


Click to make larger!

I usually do core exercises until I can not do anymore reps but I have some friends that have been copying my workouts so this helps break it down for them! Thanks guys!! I LOVE working out my core. It is by far my favorite and my hard work has paid off!

PS: I typically do core exercises every other day. They need a break too!

Today, I will be killing my legs! YAY! My plan is that I will regret sitting on our nice, new couch!

Also, on my agenda for today is an oil change, studying and dinner with my main squeeze.

Happy Thursday, Ya’ll!!


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