Wedding Recap Part 2

Morning! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This weekend went by way too fast! Saturday morning, Alex and I and some friends got up early to run a 5K. It was fun to see all the people who dressed up in honor of St. Pats Day. Maybe next year I will get a little creative as well!


Sunday was a rest day for me. I realized that I don’t usually give myself a rest day so I am going to try a little harder at this. Maybe just active rest days, like walking Charlee or going for a hike once this crappy weather breaks!

Moving on to the wedding recap part 2. I love doing this recap because it brings back all the fun memories of the day!

I love this photo...rain is a good thing!

I love this photo…rain is a good thing!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-111

I left off where I just got into my brothers car to head to the ceremony.

Once we got to Bendora Wedding Gallery, it was operation hide Alex until I got inside and upstairs. Did I mention that our wedding day was COLD. It was the first cold day of the year at 52 degrees. I enjoyed it because my dress was heavy and had a lot of layers but I felt bad for my bridesmaids because their dresses were short.

Alex and I also decided to do a first look to calm the nerves and get some really awesome photos. Our coordinator had him stand in a corner of the room with his back to the door so I could “sneak” up behind him. Once he turned around and saw me in my dress I lost it. His smile always melts my heart but this one was so much bigger! I loved the photos we got out of the first look.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-298

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-299 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-330

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}

We all hung out upstairs while our guests started to arrive. Photos of the bridal party were taken and we laughed…a lot! We have such an amazing group of family and friends and you are guaranteed to laugh whenever everyone is in the same room.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-351 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-382

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-369

We were about 10 minutes out from the start of the ceremony and I started to get nervous. Jessica, Jamily, April and I formed a circle and said a little prayer before it was time to line up. This was such a special moment for me.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-431

Oh, I also had to use the restroom and that was so hard in a huge dress!! What a chore! Thank goodness Kim was there to help hold my dress up. Also, talk about a leg workout HA!

The boys went downstairs to line up at the front and us girls stood at the top of the stairs waiting to make our entrance. One by one, they made their way down and to the front at the alter. I was getting so excited and nervous. Once my processional song came on, Allman Brothers: Little Martha, I made my way down and to my brothers arm. It was amazing to have my brother walk me down the aisle. He was beaming from ear to ear with his smile. I turned the corner to see Alex standing up front. He was the only one I saw the whole walk up to him. So, so handsome gosh darnit!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-452

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-468

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-490

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-473

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-500

Alex’s cousin, Jonathan performed our ceremony and I loved every moment of having him up there with us. He has a great sense of humor and it was really special to have him do this for us. He did such a great job!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-509

During the ceremony, I had Jamily read a little something and I also had my sister read a quote by Dr. Suess because who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss!?


When Jonathan got to our vows, I was doing great at this point. I did however, look over at Alex’s dad who was tearing up and I almost lost it but pulled it together. Thanks Nick for sitting in my direct line of view! Back to the vows, I was so caught up in the moment when it became my turn to repeat the vows that my line left my brain and I had to ask Jonathan to repeat it for me. It made for a funny moment and I love that! Before I knew it, we were exchanging rings and being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kriss. Coolest feeling ever!!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-526

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-535

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-540

Our recessional song was by the Allman Brothers called Blue Sky. Can you tell we like classic rock and the Allman Brothers? I loved walking back down the aisle and seeing everyone that came to watch our ceremony. It’s crazy to me how I blocked out everyone as I walked up the aisle to the alter. We all met back in a small room after the ceremony and exchanged hugs and smiles. I got to say hi to some family that had flown up from Florida and drove up from Boston. So fun seeing them since it has been so long!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-447

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-548

Our photographers got the bridal party together because at this point, it stopped raining and it was beautiful outside. We walked out into the little park right next door to the ceremony site and snapped a million fun pictures! It only took about 20 minutes because we really wanted to head over to our reception and see everyone and of course, eat!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-610 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-584

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-564

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-662

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-647

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-658

During our walk to the reception site, Worthington Inn, which was right across the street, I wanted to snap a photo of us standing in the middle of road. We stopped all traffic and got some pretty neat pictures.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-699


Our reception was up next and  I can’t wait to share this recap with you guys. Part 3 coming soon!



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