Weekend Happenings

It’s Monday!!


Little freak.

I started my Monday

off with a workout that included 40 minutes on the spin bike and core work.

I basically did the same core work I performed  couple weeks ago!


Minus stability ball work and side planks.

I left feeling good especially since Alex and I went to Cincinnati this weekend for a little getaway and ate some incredible food. Hey, you gotta have some cheat days here and there, otherwise, you will go crazy!

We stayed at the Radisson which had a spectacular view of the city.


There was a revolving restaurant at the top of the hotel where you got a full 360 degree view while you dined.

We had dinner at the Montgomery Inn Saturday night and we both ordered their famous ribs. Oh lawd so good! Some meats can really freak me out…beef and pork, but these ribs were so tender it just fell right off the bone when you just picked it up! I also had a sweet potato because duh and then we each ordered a scoop of Graeters Ice Cream to top off dinner.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty neat. It was built right next to the river and there are sports memorabilia everywhere and pictures of past presidents who have ordered their ribs.

Afterwards, Alex and I went on over to the Horseshoe Casino. This was weird to both of us since we don’t gamble but we thought we would check it out and people watch. We also caught the tail end of the Dayton vs Syracuse game. Of course we are cheering on Dayton because Alex’s sweet Grandpa Bill loves his Flyers so we are pulling for his team!!

We both had food babies from dinner so going out afterwards to the Riverfront was basically a no go. We were so uncomfortable from all the food so we went back to the hotel after a couple of hours at the casino and went to bed. Does that make us old? LOL


We woke up and hit up the brunch on the top floor of the hotel. They offered crepes, omelets, prime rib, veggies, fruit, sausage and all the things! I basically made myself 3 plates of food. Yep…I took advantage of my “cheat weekend”. I don’t regret it because it only got better.

Too bad this was the only picture we got together. Tyoical! HAHA

Too bad this was the only picture we got together. Typical! HAHA


After brunch, we went to the Newport Aquarium. I love animals, they make me so happy. I love seeing all the penguins and Ray Sharks<—-so beautiful. I was raised in Florida and marine life absolutely amazes me! I am such a dork but I could have stood in the shark tunnel for days but when I looked down after a while, Alex was gone. Anyways, sharks are amazing and I hope to one day cage dive with Great Whites. Sounds crazy but ever since I went to the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco and saw they provided people that opportunity over there, I have been all about it! Sign. Me. Up. Although, they have spotted quite a few GWS pretty close to the shores of Florida lately, so maybe I won’t have to go to San Fran or Africa anytime soon?!?

source: thefisheriesblog.com

source: thefisheriesblog.com

Yes please! Well, maybe add a cage and we are good to go!

We drove back to Xenia to pick up Charlee, who stayed with Grandma Debbie for the night. She was so happy to see us. I love that little munchkin! On the way back to C-Bus, we passed Young’s Dairy, and you just CAN NOT pass by that place and not get ice cream. Sooooo, I grabbed a chocolate scoop in a waffle cone. I was doing the happy dance in the car and Chuck and Alex thought I was crazy.

We got back to Columbus at a decent hour and went grocery shopping and meal prepped for the week. Hooray for being back on track!

Be back soon!!



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