Friday Favs!


I have come up with a list of things that I really enjoyed this week and I wanted to share them with you!

So here goes!

Circuit Workouts.



I love them because they keep me from getting bored. You can do whole body or you can focus on different muscle groups. They are great because I can get them done quick and go tackle a run or some other form of cardio.



I wore this today during my workout and it stays in place perfectly around the hips.


This place seriously makes me happy! Their workout gear lasts for a long time and I even wear my leggings for everyday wear or as my friend Sarah puts it…”I can even wear these for just….life.” The girls that work at the Lululemon near me have gotten to know me too.  It’s love. I own a few pairs of their running compression capris and they don’t fall or ride up. So comfortable!

Brussel Sprouts.


I have eaten brussels every day this week. I love them roasted with olive oil and Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning. So. Yum.

They are a great source of Vitamin C, help protect against colon cancer, full of anti-oxidants, great source of calcium and helps keep immune system strong.


Clinique Moisture Surge


This stuff saved my face last winter after I experienced severe dryness up here in Ohio. I mean, flaky dry, nasty skin. I had never experienced such a thing because growing up in Florida, the humidity prevented this but after a week of using this amazing moisturizer, I was cured. I apply a thick layer at night before bed and I have yet to experience dry skin this winter.


Trader Joe’s.


I love going into TJ’s! Their food is great quality and my grocery bill has been a lot cheaper since I started shopping here compared to Kroger. Also, their staff is so friendly and helpful.




I love that bike. I have gotten on it just about everyday this week for either a quick warm-up or for a nice long, sweaty session. I forgot I had spin shoes and strapped those babies on earlier this week and felt it in my glutes the next day! Winning!


Battle Ropes/Muscle Ropes.


I had go workout at a different gym today because my gym was closed and upon walking into this giant gym, I noticed the battle ropes. I went on over and completed a super hard workout on those things. I just looked up different movements on YouTube for the ropes and went for it. Awesome workout. And yes, I tried the BOSU ball stable exercise (at the 4:00 min mark in the video)….holy heck that was hard!!


Those are some of my favorite things from this week! Have a great weekend!!




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