Mixing Up My Workouts

I went and worked out with a friend of mine today and we targeted legs and finished off with some cardio. We superset all of our exercises which kept the heart rate up, so with that, not much cardio was needed at the end of this workout. Plus, my legs are still sore from Mondays workout!



We got on the stair master for 10 minutes afterwards and I was dripping sweat!


Seriously, the last minute was the longest. minute. ever.

We recently signed up for an actual gym membership..thank goodness!! I was getting a little tired of our gym at our apartment complex. It is super tiny and has very limited options as far as machines, cardio, etc and if you went during a busier time, good luck getting your workout done in a timely manner. I love our new gym! It’s large and offers so many fun sounding group classes which I was really starting to miss in my workouts. I am excited to try some out and give my feedback. Also, the trainers are super friendly and always willing to give pointers and suggestions.

It also has a rogue fitness “jungle gym” which is basically where I spend most of my time when I am there. Super fun and interesting.

Classes that peak my interest: pilates, YOGA!, spin, cardio kickboxing, bootcamp.

I would like to incorporate 1-2 of these classes in my weekly workouts. It will mix things up and confuse my muscles which is a good thing.

I have also set up a challenge for myself this month: 50 pull ups a day with different grip variations; 25 in the AM and 25 in the PM. I would like to be able to do 25 in a row at the end of this month. Keep ya posted!


Picture taken from my Instagram: @ashleynicole_fitbliss


Have a great rest of your Thursday!



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