Not So Monday Blues

Whats Up?

I killed it at my leg workout today. I didn’t stop for any breaks between exercises and I left so, so sweaty! Sweat is beautiful. #NoSeriously

Here is what it looked like:



Click to make larger!

I love leg days. Thursday I have an even better workout for the legs and can’t wait to share!

So, Sunday was pretty much the best day ever. One reason being, I got to hangout with Alex, walk around Westerville, eat a fantastic lunch and ice cream and enjoy the weather! Second, being we went to the gym together and third being I got to meet one of my FAVORITE women bodybuilders at MY gym. Seriously, I had NO clue that Michelle Davis worked out at my gym(granted I have only been working out at this gym for a week now) until we walked in yesterday and there she was working out. I lost my shit. I have been following her on Instagram and her blog for a over a year now and she is absolutely one of the most influential people I look up to for my workouts. She rocks. And I also told her that (dork status). She has 97K followers on Instagram….that says something. Clients even fly her out to wherever they are so she can train them. Dream job!!




I mean…she is beautiful!!

Also, on my way to work, I saw her running down the road near my apartment complex. Um…I have been living in the same apartment complex for a year now and have NEVER seen her out and about before…didn’t even know she lived in the same area. So, seeing her twice in one day means one thing: we need to be best friends. I kid, well, maybe a little, I’ll stick to stalking her on Instagram for now.


I am off to study!

Have a great day!!!



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