I took a spin class this morning at my gym and I wasn’t that impressed.


The instructor was not energetic at all and her music choices actually started to piss me off.  Most of it was from the 80’s and slow pace and Kelly Clarkson even debuted a couple times…..BLEH!! How the hell am I supposed to climb a mountain listening to sister christian?!?!  I was so close to grabbing my own headphones and putting them on during the rest of the class. I’ll be sure to skip Wednesday morning spin classes from now on. I have a friend who does the spin classes regularly so I’m going to ask him who the better instructors are for energy and upbeat music!

When I got home I made a super delicious smoothie made with mangoes, blueberries, greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk and coconut milk. Blueberries and mangoes are my new favorite combo!


Gone in minutes!

Yesterday, I worked out my back and shoulders in the AM and went back to the gym with Alex later on to workout my abs and do some cardio.


I also incorporated the face pull mechanical drop set. I used the cable machine with the rope attachment and started at my fore head, then neck, then chest for 3 sets of 10. My rear delts are so sore today!

For my ab workout, I completed 4 sets of however many I could do of each exercise. There are some days I like to just go until failure with my ab workouts and yesterday I was feeling it!

  • Leg Raises on pull-up bar
  • Toe Touches on Pull-up bar
  • TRX Mountain Climbers on BOSU
  • TRX Knee pulls on BOSU
  • Oblique Plank: held for 30 seconds each side
  • Leg Raises on bench
  • V-ups balanced on bench with 5# weight
  • Cable Pull Down
  • Wood Choppers

Afterwards, I decided to not get on a cardio machine because it was too nice out so I ran home. Alex ran on the treadmill so I grabbed the house key and booked it. We live a little over 2 miles from our gym and I felt so good on my run! Nice weather is upon us….hopefully!! When I got home, I brought Charlee outside with me and we ran around like maniacs for a little bit.


For dinner, Alex and I made scrumptious taco salads. In them went: chopped ice burg lettuce, low-fat cottage cheese, lean turkey meat, black beans, tomatillo salsa, low-fat shredded cheese, and pico de gallo. So satisfying!  No picture was taken because by the time I thought about it, my salad was just about gone.


Have a great day!!








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