I had the case of the Monday blues when I woke up this morning, First of all, it’s rainy, cold and dark outside and I woke up later than I normally do. I hate that because I feel like my day is wasted. I guess my body needed the rest.

I went to the gym and pumped out a leg workout because Mondays are leg day and I was ready for it! I focused a lot on squats and lunges. I went a bit lighter on the weights today so I can could do a lot more reps and feel the burn. It was also good to get that mind to muscle connection as I performed each exercise. With every concentric and eccentric move I connected with the muscle and it was cool! BURN BABY BURN!

On Saturday, I worked out my chest and shoulders and Sunday, I just focused on cardio and abs.


Sunday was a pretty chill day until work. Alex and I went to the mall and walked around. We were possibly looking for some clothes for Florida..this week!!…but didn’t see anything. This just means I will have to go shopping with my momma…we are good at shopping together. I also can’t wait for some fresh seafood. Sorry Ohio, your seafood sucks!!!

On to the title of this post, Stitchfix. I first heard about it from one of my favorite bloggers…Peanut Butter Fingers….and it sounded really intriguing, so I signed up! You go online to their website, fill out a style profile, preferences etc., and they ship you a box of clothes or accessories to try on or try out. They give you a little styling card too to give you ideas on how to wear the pieces. Each box contains five pieces and they give you three days to pick and choose what you want to keep and ship back to them. The box comes with a return bag so it’s super easy and  convenient.

My whole Monday turned around as soon as I got home and saw my first Stitchfix box at my door! So fun!

Here are the pieces that were in my box:


I thought this cardigan had a cute print but I have a million cardigans so I don’t need another one!


This light sweater was really comfy but again, I have a a lot of sweaters and with spring here and summer on its way in…hopefully…I don’t need any warm clothes right now.


This tank was super cute and comfortable. I loved the details on the back with the zipper and pulled in design but it was too big. I guess I need to go in and change my size since I have leaned out a bit from the last time I filled out my profile.


I loved this boho top but again, too big. They also sent me a pair of black skinny jeans which fit but I don’t need anymore jeans. I just donated 12 pairs of jeans!

I am going to have to go in and change my profile around and make it tailored more towards summer clothes and dresses! Also, you get your own stylist so they continue to work with you once you sign up and keep receiving fixes. You do have a $20 fee but that goes toward anything you purchase in the fix. I am not keeping any of my items since most were too big and more for cooler weather. Can’t wait for my next fix!

This is by no means a fashion blog but I thought I would share this since it was like Christmas morning receiving such a fun package at the door. Click my referral link to go directly to Stitchfix to sign up. Yeah, I get points but I think every girl should experience such a fun concept!

You can sign up for automatic fixes or schedule one every other month or once a year. No obligations. I also was not compensated for this post. I just wanted to share how cool this company is =)


Ta Ta for now!


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