Social Isolation

I watched this video today while I was supposed to be studying.


Talk about an eye opening video. I have seen something similar in the past but this video definitely had an impact on me.

When I was in Florida, I caught myself on my iPhone way too much instead of taking in the moments of hanging with my family.

I caught myself snapping photos of sunsets and actually missing the sun setting. My most favorite part of living in Florida were the sunrises and sunsets. There is no where my opinion…that has the most gorgeous sunsets than Florida and missed some of them!

I grew up in trees, on bikes and rollerblades and playing with sidewalk chalk. I HATED my brothers Nintendo and I am still not a fan of them.

I catch myself on the couch, with Alex, staring at my iPhone when all he wants is my attention.

I also get on my laptop instead of opening up my books quite often. This needs to stop.

Alex and I have a rule that we aren’t allowed phones or anything on dates or at dinners. This needs to be applied to more areas of life. Too often, we have looked around at our surroundings and all the people have their heads down. Even children… dinner with their families!! Totally unacceptable and in my opinion, lazy parenting.

This video was posted a week ago and already has 30 million views….hopefully it makes an impact! It sure has for me.

I am off to study. I hope this video moves you in some way.



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