Random Ramblins’

Happy Thursday!

As I promised yesterday, here is my back workout that left me feeling so good!


I have been going heavy and really pushing myself. I’m sure I have such a bitch face at the gym but I promise it’s just my “this is heavy and feels good face”.


I have always loved water and it is typically my beverage of choice but ever since I started my comp prep, I have been drinking over a gallon a day. I immediately noticed the benefits right away. I am more energetic, I don’t crash during the day, it keeps my hunger at bay, I sleep better <—sweet hallelujah!, my skin is clearer and I know my organs especially my brain, are happy! Cheers to water!


I have this huge itch to travel somewhere! I want to go to a city that I have never been to and just explore it to pieces. Traveling always brings out my adventurous side and it would be so much fun to go somewhere far with Alex and explore. I have my eye on you Seattle!



portland, maine

portland, maine


Watching Alex play softball during the week has been so fun! I enjoy watching him having fun playing sports and I love the fact that we are both athletic and competitive. Makes life so much more interesting. Also, I wish I knew him in college when he played football!

Spring! This spring weather has me swooning! Plus, it’s so lush and green here!  If it could stay like this all year round, I would just be absolutely in love with Ohio! I can actually walk outside and not sweat or try to catch my breath from humidity. When the peeps up here complain about humidity, I just look at them like they are cray. Go to Florida in the dead of summer, or winter, or fall, or spring and THEN you’ll be complaining about true humidity. Amen.


Leg day. I love getting in a good leg workout. I always feel so much stronger and so accomplished at the end of it.

Protein pancakes are another thing I am absolutely happy about right now. After every workout I come home and throw together a huge, glorious pancake and inhale in 30 seconds. It doesn’t look the prettiest, but it tastes so yummy!


The end.

Have a good one!





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