More Hours Please!

Happy Monday!


She looks like an ewok!


I woke up and started my first day of my training with a leg workout at the gym followed by uphill interval sprints for 20 minutes.

This workout left me sweaty although I couldn’t help but be annoyed at how packed it was at the gym this morning.

All I wanted to do was use the smith machine for squats but instead some guy sat there for 30 minutes using it for an arm workout. FYI: There were two benches open for this use for him. So, I grabbed one of the bars off the bench and took it to the group fitness room to do my squats. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I am also getting acquainted to my meal plan and all my macros I need to consume a day. Here’s to time management and learning about nutrition and fueling my body to get the results my coach and I want to see!

I also have to be to work at 6 and I still have 4 meals I need to eat (it’s 3:15). This is hilarious.

I may not be posting quit as much in the next week or so because I will be in FLORIDA this weekend for a wedding. WOO Hoo! Wedding season has definitely sprung.

Give me a fall wedding any any though.


Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-648

Have a good one!


Why Not Wednesday

So here it is, some things that I shall put out there about myself to float around on the internet for eternity.

I can’t stand washing my hands.

Alex thinks I am so weird but I can’t stand the feeling of my skin rubbing together. You know that 20 second rule for washing hands….mine is more like 1/2 a second. I freaken hate it and I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!


I also can’t handle feet rubbing together. OMG!!!


I am obsessed with my dog. I love her, I love her! I just want to squish her little face and eat her little nose and smell her little paws all day!

Minus her farts…those things have been lethal lately. She cleared our couch last night.

puppy Charlee butt!

puppy Charlee butt!

I will eat you!

I will eat you!


I could live at the gym. I had some beefy dude today ask me, “Are you here twice a day? Because I see you here all the time?”

My response: “Yes, I am here twice a day on days I don’t work. I love it!”

It’s true, I go twice a day a few times a week. Not because I am obsessed with a number on the scale and not because I am vain. I’m not. I have big goals in the near future and I am working hard on making them HAPPEN with DEDICATION. I am doing this for ME. Not to compare myself to someone else’s Chapter 20 when I am only on Chapter 1. There, I said it.

His response: “I hate the gym, I hate this so much but I do it to keep in shape.”

My response: “Dude, find something that you enjoy then! There are plenty of other fitness related activities out there to make you happy.”

He walks away with his big, meaty arms and lats and traps. Sheesh. I felt bad for him. Not really.



I used to have ZERO confidence, so living in Florida where you basically live in a bathing suit was torture to me. I hated my body. I tried everything to get skinny. Cardio for days!! Now, I lift weights, heavy weights and do hard cardio 3 times a week and I my confidence has sky rocketed in the past 2 years!



I love froyo. If I had it my way, I would eat froyo or ice cream for that matter, every night for dinner.


I love hamsters. I ask Alex every now and then if I can get one, but to no prevail. Growing up, I had so many hamsters! I even had a hamster, Spots, who got pregnant by Coco, and had like 15 babies. When I discovered the pink, hairless babes in the cage, I thought Spots’ insides were coming out and screamed, grabbed the whole cage and ran to my moms bedroom to show her the horror! (I was 7 by the way). My brother laughed and called me an idiot and nonchalantly stated, “she had babies.”

Needless to say, I learned a lot during that time. HAHA…also, I learned that mother hamsters are cruel and if they are hungry they eat their babies. Only 3 survived to adulthood and we gave them to a local pet store.


I rescued a hamster in college and her name was Hammy/Bear. I loved her. She also had three legs but we won’t get into that story of how that happened. Just know that she lived a great life, had lots of friends, and ate lots of carrots and bananas. We also enjoyed watching her run around in her ball. Oh, and apparently she was an escape artist and liked to cuddle in bed with my roommate. Love you Vicki!!! =)


That’s Bear/Hammy with three legs! And my 20 year old self.

I had to wear head-gear in kindergarten because of my jacked up grill aka under-bite…kind of like Charlee. Ugh…thank goodness I don’t have any photos of that thing or me in that thing! I remember the chin support always smelled so bad!!! My mom never made me wear it in public but my grandma sure as crap did!! Gotta love grandmas…or in my case, Mimi.

I did have a blast googling some images of head-gear….I can laugh because I endured one of these things people!!



Look long and hard kid and NEVER take another picture of this again!!!!


That’s all folks!



Tuesday Tangent

The weekend went by really fast even though I wasn’t able to join Alex at his families this weekend…that work thang…but I made the best of it!

I got stuff done around the apartment and spent a lot of quality time with this little punk:


She has been bad lately but I can’t stay mad at her. We went for lots of walks this weekend because it was perfect outside.

I also worked out of course! Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean you can go all out and destroy all your hard work you put in during the week! I did have a cheat meal on Sunday: a loaded turkey burger…cheese, hummus, pickles, buns and a chocolate lava cake! So. Yum! Alex also brought home these amazing cheesy potatoes. MMMmmmmm!!!


Mondays workout was basically what I did last monday. Legs. Legs. Legs.


I added in a lot more sets of squats because why not! Also, I added in more weights on my last set of back squats….185# for 6 reps. It was hard but I felt so accomplished!!

When Alex got home for work we went on a 3.5 mile run and finished it off with sprint work. It was too nice out to do cardio at the gym.

This mornings workout was 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stairmaster. I’ll be heading back to the gym later on to workout my back with Alex. =)


Next week I will be heading to FLORIDA and I can’t wait. It’s been almost a year since I went back for a visit and my plans include hanging with my family and the beach. I just want all the sand in my hair right now!!!!


I still have to figure out what to do with Charlee while we are gone. I thought about bringing her with me but it’s too stressful for her. She has flown with me a few times now and I feel so bad. She is stuffed into a doggie bag and carried around. I wonder what goes through her little mind with all the people around and the loud airplane! Poor thing! She is also so quiet so people don’t know there is a dog in my bag. Plus, it’s an extra $150 to fly her there and back! No thanks.


just a a bag

just a dog…in a bag

And yes, I gave my dog a doggie anxiety pill because I didn’t want her to have a heart attack. That’s why her eyes look glazed over…LOL!

I’ll also be flying back to Florida end of May for this girls wedding:


I LOVE her!! We laugh so so much when we are together!! This picture is from our trip to Nashville to run the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon. What a trip!!! We also got out of there just in time before that amazing city flooded! Crazy! But so many fun memories and I still have my little journal I wrote in everyday while we were there to record all of our stupidity. I’m sending it to you Kimmy!!!!

Just a couple more pictures of us!


We weren’t so smart the night before this race. Nashville honky tonk: 10, Ashley and Kim: —000

I woke up so thirsty the morning of the race. I believe we got 4 hours of sleep..if that…and when my alarm went off I immediately sat up and asked Kim if she was parched! LOLOL We still finished that damn race in 2:20 and I didn’t lose any toe nails that time around. WIN!!!!


Our trip to Oregon


We were going to buy this and drive back to Florida...we thought we would start a revolution! I love Oregon and all the hippies =)

We were going to buy this and drive back to Florida…we thought we would start a revolution! I love Oregon and all the hippies =)


She rocks.


I am missing Nashville like crazy lately. Maybe it’s because of all the stupid reality shows being filmed there and promoted lately that is making me think about it or it’s just an awesome city with so many memories there! I am positive there is no other city like Nashville. Columbus is cool and all but it doesn’t hold a candle to that place!  Just my opinion. It’s super friendly, so southern, and there is so much going on! You just have to visit to know!



My sister is purdy!



I Don’t Hate Cardio

Today’s workout was a good one but my energy level was off. I was still able to get my leg workout done and finish it all off with the stair master, step mill, stair mill, etc. I don’t care what you call it, it’s evil and delicious at the same time.


I owned you.

I  went for 20 minutes at different speeds and stepping variations. Side steps, slow steps with donkey kicks, sprinting….I was shweaty!

I did this workout before the stair master, stepper thing:


I hit up smooooothie king afterwards for my favorite angel food smoothie with vanilla protein and that peanut butter added in to it! MMMmmmmmmm

FYI: I organize my weekly workouts on a white out board so I stay on top of what muscle groups I train. I don’t want to over do it and not see my gainzzzzz. Everyone needs a little rest now! I do switch it up though and do full body workouts every now and then. Gotta keep the gym interesting!

This was my workout yesterday:


I don’t hate cardio but I rarely get on a machine anymore for a lengthy amount of time. My weightlifting keeps my heart rate pumping because I don’t take many breaks and throw in some jumping jacks, jump squats, jumping lunges etc. BUT I do mix it up and yesterday, I did some battle ropes for 4 minutes and that was all I could take. I used my gymboss interval timer to keep me on track.  That ish is hard!! I also ran about a mile outside. Here was my thouight process: I am going to run home from the gym and have Alex take me to my car on his way to the gym. I got about a half mile away and was freezing! I couldn’t warm up…stupid Ohio weather.  So, I turned the wheels around and went back to the gym to grab my car keys. I still ran a mile…oh well.

I also cranked out a 3 minute plank the other day. I don’t know what came over me but I hopped off the couch and just went for it. Charlee provided me with some motivation as she licked my face off for most of it. Anytime I get on the floor she freaks out and becomes this little maniac. Maybe it’s because I am finally on her level?!?


I went to Lululemon yesterday. Day.Made. I wish I could buy the whole store, but instead, I bought a new pair of running capris and a tank. Links for each below!

Tone it Tank


I’m going to be ordering an athletic swim suit soon because that lap pool has been calling my name lately! I received an Athleta catalogue in the mail and have my eyes on a couple of them!

One last thing…I want a hedgehog…particularly this guy…BIDDY!!


source: @biddythehedgehog

You should probably follow this little fella on IG…it’s hard not to laugh and smile at this precious thing!

I’m getting HANGRY…I just yelled at my dog for sneezing on me…..poor thang. Off to eat and play with munchkin and possibly study!


It Happens


I did not sleep well last night. I woke up around 4am and was wide awake! I guess I had a lot on my mind. I should have just gotten out of bed and gone to the gym but instead, I laid there…thinking about all the things. Ugh! I eventually fell asleep after Alex left for work around 6 to only be woken up by Charlee sneezing! It scared me so bad..I thought the world was ending and it was game over for sleep after that noise. Do you ever hear something fall or make a noise at night and it just scares you SO BAD?!?



I think I need to start up meditation or do more yoga or just run. I think all of the above would be a great thing to incorporate into my weekly workouts. Yep, I am now on a mission to find a yoga/meditation studio. Once this cold weather breaks, I will start running a whole lot more outdoors as well. It really does calm my mind and I am so much more in tune with my body and how it feels during my runs. I am not by any means a runner. It is really hard for me but that is what I like about it…the challenge! I have been following Hungry Runner Girl’s blog for over 3years and she is such a motivation! Killer runner and an amazing person!


Anyways, I finally rolled out of bed around 8am and went to the gym. I hopped on the spin bike for 20 minutes and then went to conquer legs, but when I got to the smith machine, I just didn’t have any energy. I still pumped out 30 front squats, 30 back squats, BOSU ball with DB squats, curtsy lunges with DB, speed skaters with medicine ball, OH med ball step ups on bench, bridges with barbell, and 30 box jumps.  I used my interval timer for most of my workout which I love!! I stretched for about 15 minutes afterwards to get my heart rate down.


Not all workouts will be what we expect them to be but as long as you make it to the gym, you’ll never regret any workout!

I have a date at Lululemon today with one of my favorite peeps here in Columbus and I can’t wait! I love that place. I also wish they weren’t so expensive. Maybe they should create another line that is more affordable but still cute and lasts just as long as their current line? Until then, I am just going to have to shop there once a month so I can buy all the things!! Right Alex?!?! 😉

I am off to study, eat, shop, eat, and study some more. BYeeee!

PS: I have THIS SONG on repeat….amazeballs!!!


Question: What do you do when you can’t go back to sleep at night?


Weekend Happenings

It’s Monday!!


Little freak.

I started my Monday

off with a workout that included 40 minutes on the spin bike and core work.

I basically did the same core work I performed  couple weeks ago!


Minus stability ball work and side planks.

I left feeling good especially since Alex and I went to Cincinnati this weekend for a little getaway and ate some incredible food. Hey, you gotta have some cheat days here and there, otherwise, you will go crazy!

We stayed at the Radisson which had a spectacular view of the city.


There was a revolving restaurant at the top of the hotel where you got a full 360 degree view while you dined.

We had dinner at the Montgomery Inn Saturday night and we both ordered their famous ribs. Oh lawd so good! Some meats can really freak me out…beef and pork, but these ribs were so tender it just fell right off the bone when you just picked it up! I also had a sweet potato because duh and then we each ordered a scoop of Graeters Ice Cream to top off dinner.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty neat. It was built right next to the river and there are sports memorabilia everywhere and pictures of past presidents who have ordered their ribs.

Afterwards, Alex and I went on over to the Horseshoe Casino. This was weird to both of us since we don’t gamble but we thought we would check it out and people watch. We also caught the tail end of the Dayton vs Syracuse game. Of course we are cheering on Dayton because Alex’s sweet Grandpa Bill loves his Flyers so we are pulling for his team!!

We both had food babies from dinner so going out afterwards to the Riverfront was basically a no go. We were so uncomfortable from all the food so we went back to the hotel after a couple of hours at the casino and went to bed. Does that make us old? LOL


We woke up and hit up the brunch on the top floor of the hotel. They offered crepes, omelets, prime rib, veggies, fruit, sausage and all the things! I basically made myself 3 plates of food. Yep…I took advantage of my “cheat weekend”. I don’t regret it because it only got better.

Too bad this was the only picture we got together. Tyoical! HAHA

Too bad this was the only picture we got together. Typical! HAHA


After brunch, we went to the Newport Aquarium. I love animals, they make me so happy. I love seeing all the penguins and Ray Sharks<—-so beautiful. I was raised in Florida and marine life absolutely amazes me! I am such a dork but I could have stood in the shark tunnel for days but when I looked down after a while, Alex was gone. Anyways, sharks are amazing and I hope to one day cage dive with Great Whites. Sounds crazy but ever since I went to the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco and saw they provided people that opportunity over there, I have been all about it! Sign. Me. Up. Although, they have spotted quite a few GWS pretty close to the shores of Florida lately, so maybe I won’t have to go to San Fran or Africa anytime soon?!?



Yes please! Well, maybe add a cage and we are good to go!

We drove back to Xenia to pick up Charlee, who stayed with Grandma Debbie for the night. She was so happy to see us. I love that little munchkin! On the way back to C-Bus, we passed Young’s Dairy, and you just CAN NOT pass by that place and not get ice cream. Sooooo, I grabbed a chocolate scoop in a waffle cone. I was doing the happy dance in the car and Chuck and Alex thought I was crazy.

We got back to Columbus at a decent hour and went grocery shopping and meal prepped for the week. Hooray for being back on track!

Be back soon!!


Wedding Recap Part 1

Hello my crazy friends!

I can not believe it has been almost 5 months since Alex and I got married. Is that for real?!?!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-603

I thought I would do a nice little recap of the best. day. ever!

We decided on a smaller wedding (about 70 people were in attendance) and we could not be happier about that decision. Not only did our bank account thank us, but it just seemed a lot more intimate and we could interact with just about everyone throughout the night without feeling rushed or guilty. Perfect!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1023

So here is my recap of October 19, 2013:

Thursday, my mom was already in town and I had an appointment at The Flowerman, to make my own bouquets. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to save money on flowers for their wedding and lives in Columbus. First of all, it is way cheaper than having a florist do all the labor and you get to bring your own beverages(champagne for us), snacks and friends and family along to enjoy the process. It is also pretty cool knowing you made your bouquets. My sister-in-law, Emily and my mom were with me to help. There is also a professional there to help you along and make sure the bouquets/centerpieces look great!

Drinks, Flowers and good company

Drinks, Flowers and good company

Working on my bouquet

Working on my bouquet

Once we were done (took about 3 hours), the bouquets were placed in a refrigerator that keeps them from blooming until the big day.



Friday, we had quite a few friends and family fly/drive in to Columbus from all over; Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas. It is such a special feeling knowing all these amazing people showed up just for us!

April, Bethany, me, Jessica

April, Bethany, me, Jessica

Friday was a blast! Pretty much everyone was in town at this point and we hung out at the hotel and drank delicious champagne (Thanks Brant!!) and caught up with each other for a while. Before we knew it, it was time to head out to our “rehearsal dinner” at Marcello’s for Italian food and more good company. I put rehearsal dinner in quotes because we didn’t rehearse our ceremony, we just went for it! Rebels! Dinner lasted for a couple of hours and then we made our way to a cute little bar right next to our hotel and hung out a bit longer. It is always such a blast to have everyone you care about in one space enjoying each others company…and  cocktails.

Love all aspects of this photo

Love all aspects of this photo

We love Brant!!

We love Brant!! and strawberries…and champagne

Our last kiss as an engaged couple.

Our last kiss as an engaged couple.

A little after midnight, I was forced to leave Alex and head back to the hotel with a few of my bridesmaids and closest girlfriends who stayed with me in my hotel room. I wasn’t nervous at this point, just really excited!! We got back to the hotel room and chatted for a while, and took silly pictures before calling it a night. I passed right out and I am pretty sure I didn’t wake up until 7am.

I HAD to add this photo to this post...makes me laugh!

I HAD to add this photo to this post…makes me laugh!

We grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and on the way back up to the room, I started to get nervous. My girls immediately made me a mimosa and I felt better =) At 9am, my hair and makeup girls showed up and it was time for pampering! I love getting my hair and makeup done and these girls did an amazing job! My makeup stayed fresh looking all day, even in the rain!


PS: I love the fact that it rained all morning. It was so peaceful and once it cleared just in time for outdoor photos, the ambiance was perfect for photography.

Once I was done with my makeup and hair, I sat down and just looked around the room at everyone getting ready. I wanted to take it all in because at this point it was almost 11 and I only had a few hours before everything would be a whirlwind. My mom was getting her hair/makeup done, Jamily and Jessica were working on each others hair, Bethany and Kim were doing makeup and my mother in law and sister-in-law were hanging out with us as well.


my beautiful mom!


I was also thinking about what the guys were up to just two floors down from us!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-135

Just as I assumed..HA!

Just as I assumed..HA!

After my wonderful makeup and hair ladies left, my photographers, AJD Image, showed up and it was time to slip on my dress. This was quite comical because my dress had a million buttons and needed a small tool to hook them so my sister and mom had a blast buttoning me up. I had the other girls sit in another room and wait for me to reveal the dress once I was in it. It was an emotional moment and I loved seeing their reactions when I opened the door. It was also cool that my photographer was right behind me to capture their expressions.

Bethany, Kim, Me, Mom, April, Jessica, Jamily!

Bethany, Kim, Me, Mom, April, Jessica, Jamily!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-28

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-47

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-248 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-255

The boys were downstairs getting ready and our photographers left for a bit to capture them as well. I am so glad they did because obviously I was not down there hanging out with them and it was neat to see those moments captured as well.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-165

that smile!!

that smile!!

stud muffins

stud muffins

The photographers came back up to our room to capture some last moments before it was time to head to the ceremony. I remember feeling so calm at this point and just looking around at all the love in one room. Everyone was so happy and beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to see Alex!

I adore this photo!

I adore this photo!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-266

Typical, actin a fool =)

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-278

Before we knew it, it was time to be swooped away to the ceremony. My brother drove me there and as soon as I saw him downstairs, I lost it! He looked so handsome and his smile was so big when he saw me.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-287

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-289

Let’s do this!

I will have another recap coming soon since this one has gotten a little long! Be back in a few for part 2.

oh hey, where did  you come from?!?

oh hey, where did you come from?!?

Happy Friday!