Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!

I wish I could call it my weekend BUT I work all weekend. It’s cool though…I did just come back from Florida and all.

My workout this morning focused on shoulders, abs and cardio. I did 40 minutes on the stairmaster at different speeds and step variations.

I also woke up this morning to a tick on my arm. OMG!! I have never had a tick crawl on me before or at least that I know of, so it was super creepy. I have this huge vein on my arm and he was totally scoping out a place to park on it. GAAAHHH!!!!!

I bet I know who carried that in to the bed *cough ALEX cough*

I kid.

On to my favorite things from this week:


Traders Joe’s Specialty Teas Green Tea and Chuck =)


I have been drinking this in the AM as a pre-workout and to get my metabolism rollin’. I drink it on ice with some stevia and it is so good!!


HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup Foroever


After I apply my makeup I brush this over it and it keeps my face so smooth.  I have oily skin and it soaks it right up!


Korres Body Butter


My mom ordered this from HSN and when I was in Florida, I got fried on my last day there. BAD! So I have been applying this every day and it has helped with the burn and itching. It comes from Greece, too, which is awesome!


Essie Nail Polish


The new springs colors by Essie are so pretty!


The Divergent Series


Alex bought this set for me for Christmas and I am on the third book now. Addicted! It’s great for breaking up my studying.


AMRAP workouts (as many reps as possible)


I have been incorporating this into my workouts as a cool down after heavy lifting. It beats getting on a cardio machine and keeps the heart rate up!


BOSU balls


I use these to work on stabilization and for core work. Try it!


The beach!


We spent the day at St Pete Beach on Sunday and I savored every moment and apparently every sun ray…my chest was fried! But I miss the beach!!!

Publix Subs


A trip to the beach isn’t complete without a Publix sub. I crave them. I ate multiple Publix subs during my trip to Florida. No shame. Anyone from Florida knows what I mean by this statement.  Fun Fact: my sister and I used to call Publix; PUBES! We’re sick.


EOS lip balm


It’s the bomb. I love its awkward shape, too! So fun.

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Housewife Glamour <—-former Florida girl living in the Midwest now!

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I just spent a week in Florida and it was glorious!


My sisters graduation was on Friday, so lots of family came together to celebrate her achievements. I love hanging out with my family and since we don’t live in the same state, it makes it all the more special to be together.



not prepared for this photo Bob! lol

I was really bad about taking photos, so there aren’t many from this trip. I suck.

I was worried that I would slip on my healthy eating habits but I stayed on track most of the time with some ice cream and a cheeseburger thrown in there. I have to cheat every now and then otherwise I will fail. I also made it to the gym a couple of times, ran outside and did a HIIT workout. Back on track today with my split workouts!

So, I love to fly. I love airports, airplanes and just people watching. Traveling makes me happy in general but I love flying and I usually love turbulence (weird, I know). To me, it keeps the flight interesting and it’s kind of fun. I love the butterflies I get with it. I used to travel for work on a weekly basis and this had me on many planes, so I got bored and turbulence made me happy. This was not true on Wednesday though!!!!!!! I was in a nice slumber and all of a sudden the plane just dropped and started jerking around. I woke up so startled, people were screaming, kids were crying, and the sweet old lady next to me grabbed my hand. My immediate reaction was to grab my hand rests and hold on. I was scared. It felt like the pilots couldn’t get it under control and we were going down. But after what seemed like forever, the plane finally straightened its ish out. I probably lost a couple years off my life.


flying over Nashville ❤

Turns out, we over Pensacola, Fl and there were some terrible storms happening which caused lots of flash flooding and lots of lightning. Crazy spring weather. Needless to say, my feelings for flying have not changed and I am still a happy child during takeoff, turbulence and landing. The end.

Alex arrived on Thursday and we hit up Ana Maria Island so for some beach time. We also made a pit stop on the way there for my beloved Publix sub. I miss them. While mom was eating her sub, a seagull obviously planned his attack perfectly because he came in from behind and actually got his little foot on her sub and covered it in sand. BAHAHAHAHHA!!! It was awesome.


Alex also saved a guys life. This poor guy was struggling to get out of the waves and ended up falling backwards and trying to crawl out of the ocean. Alex spotted him and ran over and pulled him up out of the water. He then told Alex he has cerebral palsy. Once he went into panic mode it was like his body quit on him. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Love him!

Friday was April’s graduation at Van Wezel in downtown Sarasota. The main speaker was the President of FGCU, my university! I was so excited to see his name on the program and when he was introduced I wanted so badly to yell Dunk City!! I refrained. It was also a really proud moment to see April walk across the stage to receive her degree. I teared up a little bit.


Afterwards, we went to Siesta Key Village to celebrate over dinner and drinks. Let’s just say a lot of shenanigans went down. Such a fun night! We continued the fun at my moms house over Apples to Apples and loud talking out on the lanai at 2 am. I love my family.


yes, that is a toad

yes, that is a toad

Sunday, we hit up St Pete Beach for a bit before dropping Alex off at the airport. It was sad to see him leave because I knew the end of my trip was coming up too. Why do vacations always fly by? I left Monday evening and goodbyes always suck! It wasn’t as hard this time around though because I will be back at the end of this month for Kim’s wedding =)

Woo hoo!!


Tuesday Tangent

The weekend went by really fast even though I wasn’t able to join Alex at his families this weekend…that work thang…but I made the best of it!

I got stuff done around the apartment and spent a lot of quality time with this little punk:


She has been bad lately but I can’t stay mad at her. We went for lots of walks this weekend because it was perfect outside.

I also worked out of course! Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean you can go all out and destroy all your hard work you put in during the week! I did have a cheat meal on Sunday: a loaded turkey burger…cheese, hummus, pickles, buns and a chocolate lava cake! So. Yum! Alex also brought home these amazing cheesy potatoes. MMMmmmmm!!!


Mondays workout was basically what I did last monday. Legs. Legs. Legs.


I added in a lot more sets of squats because why not! Also, I added in more weights on my last set of back squats….185# for 6 reps. It was hard but I felt so accomplished!!

When Alex got home for work we went on a 3.5 mile run and finished it off with sprint work. It was too nice out to do cardio at the gym.

This mornings workout was 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stairmaster. I’ll be heading back to the gym later on to workout my back with Alex. =)


Next week I will be heading to FLORIDA and I can’t wait. It’s been almost a year since I went back for a visit and my plans include hanging with my family and the beach. I just want all the sand in my hair right now!!!!


I still have to figure out what to do with Charlee while we are gone. I thought about bringing her with me but it’s too stressful for her. She has flown with me a few times now and I feel so bad. She is stuffed into a doggie bag and carried around. I wonder what goes through her little mind with all the people around and the loud airplane! Poor thing! She is also so quiet so people don’t know there is a dog in my bag. Plus, it’s an extra $150 to fly her there and back! No thanks.


just a a bag

just a dog…in a bag

And yes, I gave my dog a doggie anxiety pill because I didn’t want her to have a heart attack. That’s why her eyes look glazed over…LOL!

I’ll also be flying back to Florida end of May for this girls wedding:


I LOVE her!! We laugh so so much when we are together!! This picture is from our trip to Nashville to run the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon. What a trip!!! We also got out of there just in time before that amazing city flooded! Crazy! But so many fun memories and I still have my little journal I wrote in everyday while we were there to record all of our stupidity. I’m sending it to you Kimmy!!!!

Just a couple more pictures of us!


We weren’t so smart the night before this race. Nashville honky tonk: 10, Ashley and Kim: —000

I woke up so thirsty the morning of the race. I believe we got 4 hours of sleep..if that…and when my alarm went off I immediately sat up and asked Kim if she was parched! LOLOL We still finished that damn race in 2:20 and I didn’t lose any toe nails that time around. WIN!!!!


Our trip to Oregon


We were going to buy this and drive back to Florida...we thought we would start a revolution! I love Oregon and all the hippies =)

We were going to buy this and drive back to Florida…we thought we would start a revolution! I love Oregon and all the hippies =)


She rocks.


I am missing Nashville like crazy lately. Maybe it’s because of all the stupid reality shows being filmed there and promoted lately that is making me think about it or it’s just an awesome city with so many memories there! I am positive there is no other city like Nashville. Columbus is cool and all but it doesn’t hold a candle to that place!  Just my opinion. It’s super friendly, so southern, and there is so much going on! You just have to visit to know!



My sister is purdy!



Monday Tangent

People tend to dread Monday but mine has been pretty stellar so far! Maybe it’s because I am still on my workout high.

I went to the gym and pumped out a leg workout that was almost an hour and a half long. I just kept going! I am starting to fall in love with leg days more and more. #imweird



Jefferson squats were new to me and hard! It felt so good.

Jefferson squats!! <—click it!!

I came home and polished off our chocolate protein.


This weekend the weather was so nice so we spent a lot of time outside taking it all in because tonight…dare I say it…it is supposed to snow. Get your ish together Ohio!

Alex and I meal prepped Sunday so I am about to mow down on some turkey, black beans and veggies…all the things!!


That’s a good look right there.

I also ate some raw asparagus when I finished my protein shake. MMMMMMMM……I love you asparagus.

I spent $8 on friggin grapes yesterday. SERIOUSLY!! Apparently, I can’t read signs…I thought it said $2.29 for rainbow grapes BUT they make that damn LB sign so tiny for folks like me to read….trickery….screw you Kroger and your tiny LB signs. They better be some darn good grapes!!


Also, I received this picture yesterday and it made my heart smile so big!! I love her and Eva and those cute little burrito babes. I can’t wait to see them all again.


Watch out P and O, I will eat you!!! ❤

Alright, tangent over, I need to study and finish my taxes. Yay!!

Wedding Recap Part 3

Happy Friday!

I woke up and completed a total upper body workout and 30 minutes on the spin bike. I love spin!!

Here is what my workout looked like:


I performed all the exercises 4×12 each!

The final recap of our wedding is here…enjoy!

After we stopped all the traffic, we walked across the street to The Worthington Inn, where our reception was held and our guests were waiting!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-714


It was such a great place for our reception. It is this super historic building that used to be an Inn and the ballroom where our reception was held was added on in 1901. Love it! Not to mention, the food was outstanding.

We were introduced by Alex’s childhood friend, Brant, who has such a charismatic personality so he was perfect for this duty.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-720

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-722

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-726

He stepped on my dress right here haha

He stepped on my dress right here haha

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-733

We made our rounds and said hi to just about everyone. One of the many great reasons about having a smaller wedding, you can greet everyone and enjoy their company.

We snapped photos with just about everyone and then we all sat down to hear speeches and eat!

I love this photo of Alex's dad and I =)

I love this photo of Alex’s dad and I =)

My brothers gorgeous girlfriend,  Maria and my pretty momma!

My brothers gorgeous girlfriend, Maria and my pretty momma!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-754

Alex's childhood buddies...X-Town!

Alex’s childhood buddies…X-Town!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-768Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-716Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-824

That is the bottle of wine we drank on the night we got engaged.

That is the bottle of wine we drank on the night we got engaged.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-773Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-756

Jamily and her little girl, Eva

Jamily and her little girl, Eva

Alex’s brother, Joe gave a speech that had us all laughing. “I learned that I don’t like roommates”…we love you Joe!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-781

My sister, April got up there as well and nailed it!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-788

Michael, my bro also did a wonderful job for not going up there prepared. I love these two!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-795

Jessica finished off the speeches with a bang. She is absolutely amazing. We have known each other since freshman year of college and she was such a strong support system for me! I am so glad she could make it up for our wedding!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-800



Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-812

Uncle John delivered the prayer before we ate. A few months after our wedding, we went over to his house and he gave us this incredible Bible with a piece of paper in it with the prayer he gave written on it. Such a special gift!

I ate just about everything that was placed in front of me. Endless amounts of bread, salmon, prime rib, salad….lawd there was so much food. I have heard from so many brides that they didn’t even have time to eat the food they paid for at their wedding. Not this girl, I ate it all. Another reason a smaller wedding is such a joy!

After we ate, our photographers scooped us up to take us outside for some sunset pictures. I am really glad they did this because it was another moment of “us” time during our big day and we had fun!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-895

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-932Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-898

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-900Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-949

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-907

It was so cold, so we made it quick and went back inside for the rest of the night.

Our coordinator had us go over to the cake table to cut the cake. Alex got me in the face that little terd!!

yes. that is Alex, Charlee and I on top of our cake.

yes. that is Alex, Charlee and I on top of our cake.

I ate four pieces.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-964

I laugh out loud at this picture

I laugh out loud at this picture

We then went over to the dance floor for our first dance. I loved this moment. I am pretty sure we were just trying to make each other laugh the whole time.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-982Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-987

We also had a piano player show up to play some live music. It was so unique having him there and our guests could request songs as well.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-999

This little guy got the party started!

Let's do this ya'll!!

Let’s do this ya’ll!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1016

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1010

I was so hot so I had help holding up my dress.

I was so hot so I had help holding up my dress.

So much dancing and laughter! My most memorable moment of the night came at the end when everyone formed a circle around Alex and I and we just danced and made our way around to everyone to hug and kiss them and thank them for celebrating with us. This was not planned or scripted which made it so so cool!

We left the reception site and extended the night at a really neat bar down the road from our hotel. I am not sure what time we made it back to the hotel but when we got to our room there was a giant pizza waiting for Alex and I. Thanks Ben!!!! So clutch!

The weekend went by super fast but I am so happy with how everything turned out. It really was a perfect wedding and I can’t think of one flaw.

Thank you to everyone who made it so special! We love you all!!!

Wedding Recap Part 2

Morning! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This weekend went by way too fast! Saturday morning, Alex and I and some friends got up early to run a 5K. It was fun to see all the people who dressed up in honor of St. Pats Day. Maybe next year I will get a little creative as well!


Sunday was a rest day for me. I realized that I don’t usually give myself a rest day so I am going to try a little harder at this. Maybe just active rest days, like walking Charlee or going for a hike once this crappy weather breaks!

Moving on to the wedding recap part 2. I love doing this recap because it brings back all the fun memories of the day!

I love this photo...rain is a good thing!

I love this photo…rain is a good thing!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-111

I left off where I just got into my brothers car to head to the ceremony.

Once we got to Bendora Wedding Gallery, it was operation hide Alex until I got inside and upstairs. Did I mention that our wedding day was COLD. It was the first cold day of the year at 52 degrees. I enjoyed it because my dress was heavy and had a lot of layers but I felt bad for my bridesmaids because their dresses were short.

Alex and I also decided to do a first look to calm the nerves and get some really awesome photos. Our coordinator had him stand in a corner of the room with his back to the door so I could “sneak” up behind him. Once he turned around and saw me in my dress I lost it. His smile always melts my heart but this one was so much bigger! I loved the photos we got out of the first look.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-298

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-299 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-330

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}

We all hung out upstairs while our guests started to arrive. Photos of the bridal party were taken and we laughed…a lot! We have such an amazing group of family and friends and you are guaranteed to laugh whenever everyone is in the same room.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-351 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-382

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-369

We were about 10 minutes out from the start of the ceremony and I started to get nervous. Jessica, Jamily, April and I formed a circle and said a little prayer before it was time to line up. This was such a special moment for me.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-431

Oh, I also had to use the restroom and that was so hard in a huge dress!! What a chore! Thank goodness Kim was there to help hold my dress up. Also, talk about a leg workout HA!

The boys went downstairs to line up at the front and us girls stood at the top of the stairs waiting to make our entrance. One by one, they made their way down and to the front at the alter. I was getting so excited and nervous. Once my processional song came on, Allman Brothers: Little Martha, I made my way down and to my brothers arm. It was amazing to have my brother walk me down the aisle. He was beaming from ear to ear with his smile. I turned the corner to see Alex standing up front. He was the only one I saw the whole walk up to him. So, so handsome gosh darnit!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-452

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-468

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-490

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-473

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-500

Alex’s cousin, Jonathan performed our ceremony and I loved every moment of having him up there with us. He has a great sense of humor and it was really special to have him do this for us. He did such a great job!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-509

During the ceremony, I had Jamily read a little something and I also had my sister read a quote by Dr. Suess because who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss!?


When Jonathan got to our vows, I was doing great at this point. I did however, look over at Alex’s dad who was tearing up and I almost lost it but pulled it together. Thanks Nick for sitting in my direct line of view! Back to the vows, I was so caught up in the moment when it became my turn to repeat the vows that my line left my brain and I had to ask Jonathan to repeat it for me. It made for a funny moment and I love that! Before I knew it, we were exchanging rings and being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kriss. Coolest feeling ever!!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-526

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-535

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-540

Our recessional song was by the Allman Brothers called Blue Sky. Can you tell we like classic rock and the Allman Brothers? I loved walking back down the aisle and seeing everyone that came to watch our ceremony. It’s crazy to me how I blocked out everyone as I walked up the aisle to the alter. We all met back in a small room after the ceremony and exchanged hugs and smiles. I got to say hi to some family that had flown up from Florida and drove up from Boston. So fun seeing them since it has been so long!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-447

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-548

Our photographers got the bridal party together because at this point, it stopped raining and it was beautiful outside. We walked out into the little park right next door to the ceremony site and snapped a million fun pictures! It only took about 20 minutes because we really wanted to head over to our reception and see everyone and of course, eat!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-610 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-584

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-564

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-662

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-647

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-658

During our walk to the reception site, Worthington Inn, which was right across the street, I wanted to snap a photo of us standing in the middle of road. We stopped all traffic and got some pretty neat pictures.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-699


Our reception was up next and  I can’t wait to share this recap with you guys. Part 3 coming soon!


Wedding Recap Part 1

Hello my crazy friends!

I can not believe it has been almost 5 months since Alex and I got married. Is that for real?!?!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-603

I thought I would do a nice little recap of the best. day. ever!

We decided on a smaller wedding (about 70 people were in attendance) and we could not be happier about that decision. Not only did our bank account thank us, but it just seemed a lot more intimate and we could interact with just about everyone throughout the night without feeling rushed or guilty. Perfect!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1023

So here is my recap of October 19, 2013:

Thursday, my mom was already in town and I had an appointment at The Flowerman, to make my own bouquets. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to save money on flowers for their wedding and lives in Columbus. First of all, it is way cheaper than having a florist do all the labor and you get to bring your own beverages(champagne for us), snacks and friends and family along to enjoy the process. It is also pretty cool knowing you made your bouquets. My sister-in-law, Emily and my mom were with me to help. There is also a professional there to help you along and make sure the bouquets/centerpieces look great!

Drinks, Flowers and good company

Drinks, Flowers and good company

Working on my bouquet

Working on my bouquet

Once we were done (took about 3 hours), the bouquets were placed in a refrigerator that keeps them from blooming until the big day.



Friday, we had quite a few friends and family fly/drive in to Columbus from all over; Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas. It is such a special feeling knowing all these amazing people showed up just for us!

April, Bethany, me, Jessica

April, Bethany, me, Jessica

Friday was a blast! Pretty much everyone was in town at this point and we hung out at the hotel and drank delicious champagne (Thanks Brant!!) and caught up with each other for a while. Before we knew it, it was time to head out to our “rehearsal dinner” at Marcello’s for Italian food and more good company. I put rehearsal dinner in quotes because we didn’t rehearse our ceremony, we just went for it! Rebels! Dinner lasted for a couple of hours and then we made our way to a cute little bar right next to our hotel and hung out a bit longer. It is always such a blast to have everyone you care about in one space enjoying each others company…and  cocktails.

Love all aspects of this photo

Love all aspects of this photo

We love Brant!!

We love Brant!! and strawberries…and champagne

Our last kiss as an engaged couple.

Our last kiss as an engaged couple.

A little after midnight, I was forced to leave Alex and head back to the hotel with a few of my bridesmaids and closest girlfriends who stayed with me in my hotel room. I wasn’t nervous at this point, just really excited!! We got back to the hotel room and chatted for a while, and took silly pictures before calling it a night. I passed right out and I am pretty sure I didn’t wake up until 7am.

I HAD to add this photo to this post...makes me laugh!

I HAD to add this photo to this post…makes me laugh!

We grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and on the way back up to the room, I started to get nervous. My girls immediately made me a mimosa and I felt better =) At 9am, my hair and makeup girls showed up and it was time for pampering! I love getting my hair and makeup done and these girls did an amazing job! My makeup stayed fresh looking all day, even in the rain!


PS: I love the fact that it rained all morning. It was so peaceful and once it cleared just in time for outdoor photos, the ambiance was perfect for photography.

Once I was done with my makeup and hair, I sat down and just looked around the room at everyone getting ready. I wanted to take it all in because at this point it was almost 11 and I only had a few hours before everything would be a whirlwind. My mom was getting her hair/makeup done, Jamily and Jessica were working on each others hair, Bethany and Kim were doing makeup and my mother in law and sister-in-law were hanging out with us as well.


my beautiful mom!


I was also thinking about what the guys were up to just two floors down from us!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-135

Just as I assumed..HA!

Just as I assumed..HA!

After my wonderful makeup and hair ladies left, my photographers, AJD Image, showed up and it was time to slip on my dress. This was quite comical because my dress had a million buttons and needed a small tool to hook them so my sister and mom had a blast buttoning me up. I had the other girls sit in another room and wait for me to reveal the dress once I was in it. It was an emotional moment and I loved seeing their reactions when I opened the door. It was also cool that my photographer was right behind me to capture their expressions.

Bethany, Kim, Me, Mom, April, Jessica, Jamily!

Bethany, Kim, Me, Mom, April, Jessica, Jamily!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-28

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-47

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-248 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-255

The boys were downstairs getting ready and our photographers left for a bit to capture them as well. I am so glad they did because obviously I was not down there hanging out with them and it was neat to see those moments captured as well.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-165

that smile!!

that smile!!

stud muffins

stud muffins

The photographers came back up to our room to capture some last moments before it was time to head to the ceremony. I remember feeling so calm at this point and just looking around at all the love in one room. Everyone was so happy and beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to see Alex!

I adore this photo!

I adore this photo!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-266

Typical, actin a fool =)

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-278

Before we knew it, it was time to be swooped away to the ceremony. My brother drove me there and as soon as I saw him downstairs, I lost it! He looked so handsome and his smile was so big when he saw me.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-287

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-289

Let’s do this!

I will have another recap coming soon since this one has gotten a little long! Be back in a few for part 2.

oh hey, where did  you come from?!?

oh hey, where did you come from?!?

Happy Friday!