Where have you been!?



Someone did NOT want to wake up this morning. She has so much dignity!

I haven’t posted much because I have been using my time wisely and will start posting regularly again next week. I was also in Florida for almost a week, as well and wanted to soak in as much friend and family time as possible. I will come back in full swing with more workouts and just random ramblings again soon!

Here are some pictures from this weekend in Florida! Why do vacations always fly by!??! Also, I am really bad about taking photos, so there aren’t many to share.



Beautiful bride, Kim!!


View from the balcony where the ceremony was held. I have said it before and I will say it again, nothing beats a Florida sunset!


Have a good one, ya’ll!





Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!

I wish I could call it my weekend BUT I work all weekend. It’s cool though…I did just come back from Florida and all.

My workout this morning focused on shoulders, abs and cardio. I did 40 minutes on the stairmaster at different speeds and step variations.

I also woke up this morning to a tick on my arm. OMG!! I have never had a tick crawl on me before or at least that I know of, so it was super creepy. I have this huge vein on my arm and he was totally scoping out a place to park on it. GAAAHHH!!!!!

I bet I know who carried that in to the bed *cough ALEX cough*

I kid.

On to my favorite things from this week:


Traders Joe’s Specialty Teas Green Tea and Chuck =)


I have been drinking this in the AM as a pre-workout and to get my metabolism rollin’. I drink it on ice with some stevia and it is so good!!


HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup Foroever


After I apply my makeup I brush this over it and it keeps my face so smooth.  I have oily skin and it soaks it right up!


Korres Body Butter


My mom ordered this from HSN and when I was in Florida, I got fried on my last day there. BAD! So I have been applying this every day and it has helped with the burn and itching. It comes from Greece, too, which is awesome!


Essie Nail Polish


The new springs colors by Essie are so pretty!


The Divergent Series


Alex bought this set for me for Christmas and I am on the third book now. Addicted! It’s great for breaking up my studying.


AMRAP workouts (as many reps as possible)


I have been incorporating this into my workouts as a cool down after heavy lifting. It beats getting on a cardio machine and keeps the heart rate up!


BOSU balls


I use these to work on stabilization and for core work. Try it!


The beach!


We spent the day at St Pete Beach on Sunday and I savored every moment and apparently every sun ray…my chest was fried! But I miss the beach!!!

Publix Subs


A trip to the beach isn’t complete without a Publix sub. I crave them. I ate multiple Publix subs during my trip to Florida. No shame. Anyone from Florida knows what I mean by this statement.  Fun Fact: my sister and I used to call Publix; PUBES! We’re sick.


EOS lip balm


It’s the bomb. I love its awkward shape, too! So fun.

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I just spent a week in Florida and it was glorious!


My sisters graduation was on Friday, so lots of family came together to celebrate her achievements. I love hanging out with my family and since we don’t live in the same state, it makes it all the more special to be together.



not prepared for this photo Bob! lol

I was really bad about taking photos, so there aren’t many from this trip. I suck.

I was worried that I would slip on my healthy eating habits but I stayed on track most of the time with some ice cream and a cheeseburger thrown in there. I have to cheat every now and then otherwise I will fail. I also made it to the gym a couple of times, ran outside and did a HIIT workout. Back on track today with my split workouts!

So, I love to fly. I love airports, airplanes and just people watching. Traveling makes me happy in general but I love flying and I usually love turbulence (weird, I know). To me, it keeps the flight interesting and it’s kind of fun. I love the butterflies I get with it. I used to travel for work on a weekly basis and this had me on many planes, so I got bored and turbulence made me happy. This was not true on Wednesday though!!!!!!! I was in a nice slumber and all of a sudden the plane just dropped and started jerking around. I woke up so startled, people were screaming, kids were crying, and the sweet old lady next to me grabbed my hand. My immediate reaction was to grab my hand rests and hold on. I was scared. It felt like the pilots couldn’t get it under control and we were going down. But after what seemed like forever, the plane finally straightened its ish out. I probably lost a couple years off my life.


flying over Nashville ❤

Turns out, we over Pensacola, Fl and there were some terrible storms happening which caused lots of flash flooding and lots of lightning. Crazy spring weather. Needless to say, my feelings for flying have not changed and I am still a happy child during takeoff, turbulence and landing. The end.

Alex arrived on Thursday and we hit up Ana Maria Island so for some beach time. We also made a pit stop on the way there for my beloved Publix sub. I miss them. While mom was eating her sub, a seagull obviously planned his attack perfectly because he came in from behind and actually got his little foot on her sub and covered it in sand. BAHAHAHAHHA!!! It was awesome.


Alex also saved a guys life. This poor guy was struggling to get out of the waves and ended up falling backwards and trying to crawl out of the ocean. Alex spotted him and ran over and pulled him up out of the water. He then told Alex he has cerebral palsy. Once he went into panic mode it was like his body quit on him. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Love him!

Friday was April’s graduation at Van Wezel in downtown Sarasota. The main speaker was the President of FGCU, my university! I was so excited to see his name on the program and when he was introduced I wanted so badly to yell Dunk City!! I refrained. It was also a really proud moment to see April walk across the stage to receive her degree. I teared up a little bit.


Afterwards, we went to Siesta Key Village to celebrate over dinner and drinks. Let’s just say a lot of shenanigans went down. Such a fun night! We continued the fun at my moms house over Apples to Apples and loud talking out on the lanai at 2 am. I love my family.


yes, that is a toad

yes, that is a toad

Sunday, we hit up St Pete Beach for a bit before dropping Alex off at the airport. It was sad to see him leave because I knew the end of my trip was coming up too. Why do vacations always fly by? I left Monday evening and goodbyes always suck! It wasn’t as hard this time around though because I will be back at the end of this month for Kim’s wedding =)

Woo hoo!!


Weekend Happenings

It’s Monday!!


Little freak.

I started my Monday

off with a workout that included 40 minutes on the spin bike and core work.

I basically did the same core work I performed  couple weeks ago!


Minus stability ball work and side planks.

I left feeling good especially since Alex and I went to Cincinnati this weekend for a little getaway and ate some incredible food. Hey, you gotta have some cheat days here and there, otherwise, you will go crazy!

We stayed at the Radisson which had a spectacular view of the city.


There was a revolving restaurant at the top of the hotel where you got a full 360 degree view while you dined.

We had dinner at the Montgomery Inn Saturday night and we both ordered their famous ribs. Oh lawd so good! Some meats can really freak me out…beef and pork, but these ribs were so tender it just fell right off the bone when you just picked it up! I also had a sweet potato because duh and then we each ordered a scoop of Graeters Ice Cream to top off dinner.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty neat. It was built right next to the river and there are sports memorabilia everywhere and pictures of past presidents who have ordered their ribs.

Afterwards, Alex and I went on over to the Horseshoe Casino. This was weird to both of us since we don’t gamble but we thought we would check it out and people watch. We also caught the tail end of the Dayton vs Syracuse game. Of course we are cheering on Dayton because Alex’s sweet Grandpa Bill loves his Flyers so we are pulling for his team!!

We both had food babies from dinner so going out afterwards to the Riverfront was basically a no go. We were so uncomfortable from all the food so we went back to the hotel after a couple of hours at the casino and went to bed. Does that make us old? LOL


We woke up and hit up the brunch on the top floor of the hotel. They offered crepes, omelets, prime rib, veggies, fruit, sausage and all the things! I basically made myself 3 plates of food. Yep…I took advantage of my “cheat weekend”. I don’t regret it because it only got better.

Too bad this was the only picture we got together. Tyoical! HAHA

Too bad this was the only picture we got together. Typical! HAHA


After brunch, we went to the Newport Aquarium. I love animals, they make me so happy. I love seeing all the penguins and Ray Sharks<—-so beautiful. I was raised in Florida and marine life absolutely amazes me! I am such a dork but I could have stood in the shark tunnel for days but when I looked down after a while, Alex was gone. Anyways, sharks are amazing and I hope to one day cage dive with Great Whites. Sounds crazy but ever since I went to the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco and saw they provided people that opportunity over there, I have been all about it! Sign. Me. Up. Although, they have spotted quite a few GWS pretty close to the shores of Florida lately, so maybe I won’t have to go to San Fran or Africa anytime soon?!?

source: thefisheriesblog.com

source: thefisheriesblog.com

Yes please! Well, maybe add a cage and we are good to go!

We drove back to Xenia to pick up Charlee, who stayed with Grandma Debbie for the night. She was so happy to see us. I love that little munchkin! On the way back to C-Bus, we passed Young’s Dairy, and you just CAN NOT pass by that place and not get ice cream. Sooooo, I grabbed a chocolate scoop in a waffle cone. I was doing the happy dance in the car and Chuck and Alex thought I was crazy.

We got back to Columbus at a decent hour and went grocery shopping and meal prepped for the week. Hooray for being back on track!

Be back soon!!