Make It Happen

I hope you guys are having a great day so far!

Charlee got a fresh cut and I killed it at the gym today.


My leg workout left me exhausted and so, so sweaty.


Click links below for demonstrations of some of my exercises!

RDL: Romanian Dead Lift

It took me about 45 minutes to get through the workout and I left walking like jello. I have only done RDL’s a few other times and I am still working on my form but my hammies sure feel them!

Yesterday, I did my very first crossfit WOD. I am not familiar with Crossfit and their terms but I caught on fast. Alex joined me and we completed the benchmark WOD, Victoria, and she was tough! Our group was told that no one at this box has completed this workout in under 25 minutes and I took that as a challenge!


5 Rounds

10 thrusters, 14 box jumps, 12 sumo dead lift high pulls, 12 burpees, 27 kettlebell swings

I completed that ish in 23:37. It was challenging. I had to take many water breaks because it was 92 degrees yesterday and it got steamy in that gym. I get over heated fast so standing in front of large fan during my kettlebell swings was the only way to survive. I looked like a lobster at the end but it was fun.

I won’t partake in a whole lot of crossfit WOD’s right now because I am currently training for my competition that is in September but I will definitely be a regular after it’s over!

Off to eat some dinner with Alex!





Random Ramblins’

Happy Thursday!

As I promised yesterday, here is my back workout that left me feeling so good!


I have been going heavy and really pushing myself. I’m sure I have such a bitch face at the gym but I promise it’s just my “this is heavy and feels good face”.


I have always loved water and it is typically my beverage of choice but ever since I started my comp prep, I have been drinking over a gallon a day. I immediately noticed the benefits right away. I am more energetic, I don’t crash during the day, it keeps my hunger at bay, I sleep better <—sweet hallelujah!, my skin is clearer and I know my organs especially my brain, are happy! Cheers to water!


I have this huge itch to travel somewhere! I want to go to a city that I have never been to and just explore it to pieces. Traveling always brings out my adventurous side and it would be so much fun to go somewhere far with Alex and explore. I have my eye on you Seattle!



portland, maine

portland, maine


Watching Alex play softball during the week has been so fun! I enjoy watching him having fun playing sports and I love the fact that we are both athletic and competitive. Makes life so much more interesting. Also, I wish I knew him in college when he played football!

Spring! This spring weather has me swooning! Plus, it’s so lush and green here!  If it could stay like this all year round, I would just be absolutely in love with Ohio! I can actually walk outside and not sweat or try to catch my breath from humidity. When the peeps up here complain about humidity, I just look at them like they are cray. Go to Florida in the dead of summer, or winter, or fall, or spring and THEN you’ll be complaining about true humidity. Amen.


Leg day. I love getting in a good leg workout. I always feel so much stronger and so accomplished at the end of it.

Protein pancakes are another thing I am absolutely happy about right now. After every workout I come home and throw together a huge, glorious pancake and inhale in 30 seconds. It doesn’t look the prettiest, but it tastes so yummy!


The end.

Have a good one!




Social Isolation

I watched this video today while I was supposed to be studying.


Talk about an eye opening video. I have seen something similar in the past but this video definitely had an impact on me.

When I was in Florida, I caught myself on my iPhone way too much instead of taking in the moments of hanging with my family.

I caught myself snapping photos of sunsets and actually missing the sun setting. My most favorite part of living in Florida were the sunrises and sunsets. There is no where my opinion…that has the most gorgeous sunsets than Florida and missed some of them!

I grew up in trees, on bikes and rollerblades and playing with sidewalk chalk. I HATED my brothers Nintendo and I am still not a fan of them.

I catch myself on the couch, with Alex, staring at my iPhone when all he wants is my attention.

I also get on my laptop instead of opening up my books quite often. This needs to stop.

Alex and I have a rule that we aren’t allowed phones or anything on dates or at dinners. This needs to be applied to more areas of life. Too often, we have looked around at our surroundings and all the people have their heads down. Even children… dinner with their families!! Totally unacceptable and in my opinion, lazy parenting.

This video was posted a week ago and already has 30 million views….hopefully it makes an impact! It sure has for me.

I am off to study. I hope this video moves you in some way.



I had the case of the Monday blues when I woke up this morning, First of all, it’s rainy, cold and dark outside and I woke up later than I normally do. I hate that because I feel like my day is wasted. I guess my body needed the rest.

I went to the gym and pumped out a leg workout because Mondays are leg day and I was ready for it! I focused a lot on squats and lunges. I went a bit lighter on the weights today so I can could do a lot more reps and feel the burn. It was also good to get that mind to muscle connection as I performed each exercise. With every concentric and eccentric move I connected with the muscle and it was cool! BURN BABY BURN!

On Saturday, I worked out my chest and shoulders and Sunday, I just focused on cardio and abs.


Sunday was a pretty chill day until work. Alex and I went to the mall and walked around. We were possibly looking for some clothes for Florida..this week!!…but didn’t see anything. This just means I will have to go shopping with my momma…we are good at shopping together. I also can’t wait for some fresh seafood. Sorry Ohio, your seafood sucks!!!

On to the title of this post, Stitchfix. I first heard about it from one of my favorite bloggers…Peanut Butter Fingers….and it sounded really intriguing, so I signed up! You go online to their website, fill out a style profile, preferences etc., and they ship you a box of clothes or accessories to try on or try out. They give you a little styling card too to give you ideas on how to wear the pieces. Each box contains five pieces and they give you three days to pick and choose what you want to keep and ship back to them. The box comes with a return bag so it’s super easy and  convenient.

My whole Monday turned around as soon as I got home and saw my first Stitchfix box at my door! So fun!

Here are the pieces that were in my box:


I thought this cardigan had a cute print but I have a million cardigans so I don’t need another one!


This light sweater was really comfy but again, I have a a lot of sweaters and with spring here and summer on its way in…hopefully…I don’t need any warm clothes right now.


This tank was super cute and comfortable. I loved the details on the back with the zipper and pulled in design but it was too big. I guess I need to go in and change my size since I have leaned out a bit from the last time I filled out my profile.


I loved this boho top but again, too big. They also sent me a pair of black skinny jeans which fit but I don’t need anymore jeans. I just donated 12 pairs of jeans!

I am going to have to go in and change my profile around and make it tailored more towards summer clothes and dresses! Also, you get your own stylist so they continue to work with you once you sign up and keep receiving fixes. You do have a $20 fee but that goes toward anything you purchase in the fix. I am not keeping any of my items since most were too big and more for cooler weather. Can’t wait for my next fix!

This is by no means a fashion blog but I thought I would share this since it was like Christmas morning receiving such a fun package at the door. Click my referral link to go directly to Stitchfix to sign up. Yeah, I get points but I think every girl should experience such a fun concept!

You can sign up for automatic fixes or schedule one every other month or once a year. No obligations. I also was not compensated for this post. I just wanted to share how cool this company is =)


Ta Ta for now!

Wedding Recap Part 1

Hello my crazy friends!

I can not believe it has been almost 5 months since Alex and I got married. Is that for real?!?!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-603

I thought I would do a nice little recap of the best. day. ever!

We decided on a smaller wedding (about 70 people were in attendance) and we could not be happier about that decision. Not only did our bank account thank us, but it just seemed a lot more intimate and we could interact with just about everyone throughout the night without feeling rushed or guilty. Perfect!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1023

So here is my recap of October 19, 2013:

Thursday, my mom was already in town and I had an appointment at The Flowerman, to make my own bouquets. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to save money on flowers for their wedding and lives in Columbus. First of all, it is way cheaper than having a florist do all the labor and you get to bring your own beverages(champagne for us), snacks and friends and family along to enjoy the process. It is also pretty cool knowing you made your bouquets. My sister-in-law, Emily and my mom were with me to help. There is also a professional there to help you along and make sure the bouquets/centerpieces look great!

Drinks, Flowers and good company

Drinks, Flowers and good company

Working on my bouquet

Working on my bouquet

Once we were done (took about 3 hours), the bouquets were placed in a refrigerator that keeps them from blooming until the big day.



Friday, we had quite a few friends and family fly/drive in to Columbus from all over; Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas. It is such a special feeling knowing all these amazing people showed up just for us!

April, Bethany, me, Jessica

April, Bethany, me, Jessica

Friday was a blast! Pretty much everyone was in town at this point and we hung out at the hotel and drank delicious champagne (Thanks Brant!!) and caught up with each other for a while. Before we knew it, it was time to head out to our “rehearsal dinner” at Marcello’s for Italian food and more good company. I put rehearsal dinner in quotes because we didn’t rehearse our ceremony, we just went for it! Rebels! Dinner lasted for a couple of hours and then we made our way to a cute little bar right next to our hotel and hung out a bit longer. It is always such a blast to have everyone you care about in one space enjoying each others company…and  cocktails.

Love all aspects of this photo

Love all aspects of this photo

We love Brant!!

We love Brant!! and strawberries…and champagne

Our last kiss as an engaged couple.

Our last kiss as an engaged couple.

A little after midnight, I was forced to leave Alex and head back to the hotel with a few of my bridesmaids and closest girlfriends who stayed with me in my hotel room. I wasn’t nervous at this point, just really excited!! We got back to the hotel room and chatted for a while, and took silly pictures before calling it a night. I passed right out and I am pretty sure I didn’t wake up until 7am.

I HAD to add this photo to this post...makes me laugh!

I HAD to add this photo to this post…makes me laugh!

We grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and on the way back up to the room, I started to get nervous. My girls immediately made me a mimosa and I felt better =) At 9am, my hair and makeup girls showed up and it was time for pampering! I love getting my hair and makeup done and these girls did an amazing job! My makeup stayed fresh looking all day, even in the rain!


PS: I love the fact that it rained all morning. It was so peaceful and once it cleared just in time for outdoor photos, the ambiance was perfect for photography.

Once I was done with my makeup and hair, I sat down and just looked around the room at everyone getting ready. I wanted to take it all in because at this point it was almost 11 and I only had a few hours before everything would be a whirlwind. My mom was getting her hair/makeup done, Jamily and Jessica were working on each others hair, Bethany and Kim were doing makeup and my mother in law and sister-in-law were hanging out with us as well.


my beautiful mom!


I was also thinking about what the guys were up to just two floors down from us!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-135

Just as I assumed..HA!

Just as I assumed..HA!

After my wonderful makeup and hair ladies left, my photographers, AJD Image, showed up and it was time to slip on my dress. This was quite comical because my dress had a million buttons and needed a small tool to hook them so my sister and mom had a blast buttoning me up. I had the other girls sit in another room and wait for me to reveal the dress once I was in it. It was an emotional moment and I loved seeing their reactions when I opened the door. It was also cool that my photographer was right behind me to capture their expressions.

Bethany, Kim, Me, Mom, April, Jessica, Jamily!

Bethany, Kim, Me, Mom, April, Jessica, Jamily!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-28

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-47

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-248 Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-255

The boys were downstairs getting ready and our photographers left for a bit to capture them as well. I am so glad they did because obviously I was not down there hanging out with them and it was neat to see those moments captured as well.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-165

that smile!!

that smile!!

stud muffins

stud muffins

The photographers came back up to our room to capture some last moments before it was time to head to the ceremony. I remember feeling so calm at this point and just looking around at all the love in one room. Everyone was so happy and beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to see Alex!

I adore this photo!

I adore this photo!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-266

Typical, actin a fool =)

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-278

Before we knew it, it was time to be swooped away to the ceremony. My brother drove me there and as soon as I saw him downstairs, I lost it! He looked so handsome and his smile was so big when he saw me.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-287

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-289

Let’s do this!

I will have another recap coming soon since this one has gotten a little long! Be back in a few for part 2.

oh hey, where did  you come from?!?

oh hey, where did you come from?!?

Happy Friday!


Workin On My Fitness

Morning ya’ll!!

I hope your morning is going as well as mine! It’s been quite productive round here.


OMG puppy Chuck!!

During my workout this morning, I started thinking about how far I have come along on my journey to where I am at now as far as my fitness level. When I first began stepping foot in a fitness facility, which was at my college, Florida Gulf Coast University AKA Dunk City!, I had no idea what to do, where to start, how some of the machines worked etc. I was overwhelmed and felt so out-of-place. I was probably a semester into my college adventure and I had definitely gained some of the “freshman 15”. I lived off cheeze-its, frozen chicken, publix subs, and peanut butter toast. I went out every single night with my roommates because I was now on my own and could do what I wanted, when I wanted. So, I decided I needed to lose some pounds. After a few workouts on the arc trainer and treadmill, I got bored real fast. I had heard about spin and joined in on a class and LOVED it!! I did it a few times a week and really enjoyed the high-energy level of the instructor and her music choices were most excellent. I even tried her kickboxing class, but since I didn’t stretch, ever, I pulled a hamstring and blamed it on the class and vowed to never go back. I stayed true to that vow.


While I was getting in some intense sweat sessions I wasn’t noticing a drop in my weight, I was actually gaining more weight! I didn’t understand why and my motivation level went out the door…I relapsed! What was most upsetting to me was, all my life, since I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had been so active in sports and playing outdoors. I started playing basketball at the age of 6 and made the varsity team as a freshman in high school as well as did track and field. I also loved soccer, swimming, rollerblading, and I did some diving for a little bit. Once I left high school, I was on my own as far as keeping in shape and healthy.

Vegas...NOT a healthy trip but a fun one!

Vegas…NOT a healthy trip but a fun one!

A couple years down the road, I decided to try out the fitness facility in our neighborhood and I was the only one in there so I had free range on all the equipment. I basically went in there and just studied the pictures on each machine and went for it. I never touched the free weights or the stability ball or BOSU ball.  I worked on my “fitness” and started seeing some improvements but hadn’t quite yet grasped fueling my body properly. I saw minimal toning happening but wasn’t getting the results I really wanted…to be skinny!

I signed up for a half-marathon in Nashville, TN, in 2007, thinking that this would lead me to skinny.  I ran 6 days a week in my nike shocks, which is basically like running in heels and gained weight. womp! womp! I was over training and not giving my body proper recovery time which at the time I knew nothing about. I did, however post a stellar time of 2:10 with massive hills that Florida definitely did not prepare me for at all. But that didn’t come without consequence. My knees killed me and I lost two toe nails…OMG I died!! Anyways, I was beyond confused and felt hopeless about my weight. I signed up at a local gym and worked out 5-6 days a week, once again falling in love with spin. I started researching healthy recipes and how to balance out food and fitness. In a span of 4 months, I lost 20 lbs…skinniest I had ever been!  yikes! I looked fit but I didn’t really have a whole lot of muscle tone but I was okay with that. At 5’5″ 118lbs, I was happy with myself.

Second time around running the Rock N Roll Music City Half Marathon...not at my healthiest. I drank beer the night before the race.

Second time around running the Rock N Roll Music City Half Marathon…not at my healthiest. I drank beer the night before the race.

A few years on down the road, I started really getting into wanting more muscle definition and eating right. I have finally found my balance and my motto…exercise is queen, food is king. Whereas, in the past it was exercise over food.  I know what my body needs after each workout and I mix up my workouts every time. I go in to the gym with a plan! I love HIIT workouts and lifting weights. I also enjoy tabata and body weight workouts as well. I used to be cardio queen but now I warm up with cardio and keep my heart rate up during my workouts. My rest periods are basically nothing, most of the time, and I love, love the BOSU ball!

Thats me just a little over a year ago...some muscle tone going on underneath the layers.

Thats me just a little over a year ago…some muscle tone going on underneath the layers.

..and here is me today...can you see all the muscle?!?!?

..and here is me today…can you see all the muscle?!?!?

Ok, here is me a couple months ago...muscles are a growin...

Ok, ok, here I am a couple months ago…muscles are a growin…

Bosu ball and legs workout today!

Bosu ball and legs workout today!


Basically, long story short, since I first stepped foot in gyms, fitness facilities, whatever you want to  call them, nine years ago, I have learned a whole lot!! I know how to replenish my body after my workouts and I just love seeing the results I get after a grueling workout. Not all my workouts are up to par, but I still push myself. I have way more muscle now than I ever thought I would have and I love it!! I would rather have muscles than be 120lbs and skinny. Now, I am going off the fact that I am 5’5″, so 120lbs is skinny on me. There is NOTHING wrong with being skinny if its healthy, but muscle is beautiful, in my opinion, and I love seeing the definition I have worked so hard on maintaining.

I am still an open book to learning about my body, food, and health in general, not only for myself, but for others as well. It has truly become a passion of mine and I can not wait to see where this journey leads me!!

Dear Winter

Dear winter,

I do not hate you, but you have extended your stay far too long. The bitter, cold air and the freezing rain do not feel good on my face. Not to mention the dry, flaky skin that I have been battling. I am new to this winter thing and you certainly have not given me a slow introduction. This morning, after you dumped freezing rain overnight, I took my dog out and fell three times!! THREE!! I haven’t fallen at all this whole winter so far and today I think I created a new record for myself. My bum hurts and my pinky…well, that should grow back.  Also, my black car, which I typically baby and wash religiously, it has 3 months of winter, salt and whatever else is living on the roads all over it because you won’t let up long enough for me to wash it. Sad face.





I think you can call it quits now because you have proven your point…no one messes with you. No one likes you right now. I am fighting SAD by working out everyday and relishing in the few rays of sunlight given to us in the two days it has been out so far. I am anxiously waiting for the day I can actually run outside without dodging ice blocks and slush. The only living thing that actually likes you right now is my dog, Charlee. She has turned into an agility dog with her jumping over 2 feet of snow piles and chasing around snow balls. Its love for her.

That face kills me.

That face kills me.

I am ready for your friend, spring to be here. You aren’t being booted forever but for now we need a break! Bring on the sun, hiking, outdoor runs, bathing suits, and barbeques!!