Friday Favorites


Happy, happy Friday!

I have another round of Friday Favorites comin atcha!

But first…….


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I don’t really like working out my shoulders, but I do feel like I have made the most progress on them! Grow lil’ pumpkins grow!!

I finished off my workout with 25 minutes on the stairmaster. I sprinted for 30 seconds, rested for 30 and so on.

The last five minutes of my HIIT, I did 30 seconds of jumping jack, 30 seconds high knees, 10 decline pushups, 30 seconds burpees, 30 seconds jumping jacks, 30 seconds speed skaters, 10 decline pushups, 30 seconds jump squats, 30 seconds jumping jacks, 10 decline pushups, 30 seconds high knees, 10 decline pushups. No rest until I was finished.

I sat in the sauna for 10 minutes too. I love that thing!

Now, I bring you my favorite things from this week!

I just went and bought a new round of whey protein. Of course I bought more Beverly International Cookies n Cream flavor but this…..


Dymatize Nutrition ISO-100

….is my ish!!! I bought the birthday cake flavor and it has taken my protein pancakes to another level.


This lululemon sports bra.


Yeah, it may be pricey, but with the amount of time I spend at the gym, it’s worth it to me. Plus, it’s light and moves with you so there isn’t chaffing. I have it in bright pink.


I am on a meal plan right now that is pretty set in stone. So, when I have cravings, I turn to this amazingness:


Extra Dessert Delights. My favorite flavors are Mint Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake.


This shoe.


It belongs to Alex and it is the very shoe that killed the giant ass spider that cornered me in my kitchen earlier this week. I may sound dramatic, but my arachnophobia is the real deal. Plus, I have never seen a creature like this one before, so I was freaked out. This shoe saved me.


Mustard. I put it on everything now a days because it doesn’t add any extra calories. I have gone through 3 of these in four weeks.


Also, thanks to one of my favorite IG accounts, @jazzythings, I have a new way of changing the flavor of mustard, although it’s perfect just the way it is, I need change every now and then.

I take a 1/2 cup of mustard, add 1 tsp stevia, paprika, onion powder, and a little bit of water. Holy yum!! Sounds weird but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Also, I enjoy cheeseburgers with peanut butter (I plan on eating a giant one after my comp). Get over it.


Food Network.


I watch a lot of it because I can’t eat a whole lot right now, so why not watch people make delicious food.

Yes, that is a cheeseburger with peanut butter. You’re so drooling right now!


There you have it! Have a great day!!!

Ta Ta for now!!



Make It Happen

I hope you guys are having a great day so far!

Charlee got a fresh cut and I killed it at the gym today.


My leg workout left me exhausted and so, so sweaty.


Click links below for demonstrations of some of my exercises!

RDL: Romanian Dead Lift

It took me about 45 minutes to get through the workout and I left walking like jello. I have only done RDL’s a few other times and I am still working on my form but my hammies sure feel them!

Yesterday, I did my very first crossfit WOD. I am not familiar with Crossfit and their terms but I caught on fast. Alex joined me and we completed the benchmark WOD, Victoria, and she was tough! Our group was told that no one at this box has completed this workout in under 25 minutes and I took that as a challenge!


5 Rounds

10 thrusters, 14 box jumps, 12 sumo dead lift high pulls, 12 burpees, 27 kettlebell swings

I completed that ish in 23:37. It was challenging. I had to take many water breaks because it was 92 degrees yesterday and it got steamy in that gym. I get over heated fast so standing in front of large fan during my kettlebell swings was the only way to survive. I looked like a lobster at the end but it was fun.

I won’t partake in a whole lot of crossfit WOD’s right now because I am currently training for my competition that is in September but I will definitely be a regular after it’s over!

Off to eat some dinner with Alex!




I Don’t Hate Cardio

Today’s workout was a good one but my energy level was off. I was still able to get my leg workout done and finish it all off with the stair master, step mill, stair mill, etc. I don’t care what you call it, it’s evil and delicious at the same time.


I owned you.

I  went for 20 minutes at different speeds and stepping variations. Side steps, slow steps with donkey kicks, sprinting….I was shweaty!

I did this workout before the stair master, stepper thing:


I hit up smooooothie king afterwards for my favorite angel food smoothie with vanilla protein and that peanut butter added in to it! MMMmmmmmmm

FYI: I organize my weekly workouts on a white out board so I stay on top of what muscle groups I train. I don’t want to over do it and not see my gainzzzzz. Everyone needs a little rest now! I do switch it up though and do full body workouts every now and then. Gotta keep the gym interesting!

This was my workout yesterday:


I don’t hate cardio but I rarely get on a machine anymore for a lengthy amount of time. My weightlifting keeps my heart rate pumping because I don’t take many breaks and throw in some jumping jacks, jump squats, jumping lunges etc. BUT I do mix it up and yesterday, I did some battle ropes for 4 minutes and that was all I could take. I used my gymboss interval timer to keep me on track.  That ish is hard!! I also ran about a mile outside. Here was my thouight process: I am going to run home from the gym and have Alex take me to my car on his way to the gym. I got about a half mile away and was freezing! I couldn’t warm up…stupid Ohio weather.  So, I turned the wheels around and went back to the gym to grab my car keys. I still ran a mile…oh well.

I also cranked out a 3 minute plank the other day. I don’t know what came over me but I hopped off the couch and just went for it. Charlee provided me with some motivation as she licked my face off for most of it. Anytime I get on the floor she freaks out and becomes this little maniac. Maybe it’s because I am finally on her level?!?


I went to Lululemon yesterday. Day.Made. I wish I could buy the whole store, but instead, I bought a new pair of running capris and a tank. Links for each below!

Tone it Tank


I’m going to be ordering an athletic swim suit soon because that lap pool has been calling my name lately! I received an Athleta catalogue in the mail and have my eyes on a couple of them!

One last thing…I want a hedgehog…particularly this guy…BIDDY!!


source: @biddythehedgehog

You should probably follow this little fella on IG…it’s hard not to laugh and smile at this precious thing!

I’m getting HANGRY…I just yelled at my dog for sneezing on me…..poor thang. Off to eat and play with munchkin and possibly study!



I took a spin class this morning at my gym and I wasn’t that impressed.


The instructor was not energetic at all and her music choices actually started to piss me off.  Most of it was from the 80’s and slow pace and Kelly Clarkson even debuted a couple times…..BLEH!! How the hell am I supposed to climb a mountain listening to sister christian?!?!  I was so close to grabbing my own headphones and putting them on during the rest of the class. I’ll be sure to skip Wednesday morning spin classes from now on. I have a friend who does the spin classes regularly so I’m going to ask him who the better instructors are for energy and upbeat music!

When I got home I made a super delicious smoothie made with mangoes, blueberries, greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk and coconut milk. Blueberries and mangoes are my new favorite combo!


Gone in minutes!

Yesterday, I worked out my back and shoulders in the AM and went back to the gym with Alex later on to workout my abs and do some cardio.


I also incorporated the face pull mechanical drop set. I used the cable machine with the rope attachment and started at my fore head, then neck, then chest for 3 sets of 10. My rear delts are so sore today!

For my ab workout, I completed 4 sets of however many I could do of each exercise. There are some days I like to just go until failure with my ab workouts and yesterday I was feeling it!

  • Leg Raises on pull-up bar
  • Toe Touches on Pull-up bar
  • TRX Mountain Climbers on BOSU
  • TRX Knee pulls on BOSU
  • Oblique Plank: held for 30 seconds each side
  • Leg Raises on bench
  • V-ups balanced on bench with 5# weight
  • Cable Pull Down
  • Wood Choppers

Afterwards, I decided to not get on a cardio machine because it was too nice out so I ran home. Alex ran on the treadmill so I grabbed the house key and booked it. We live a little over 2 miles from our gym and I felt so good on my run! Nice weather is upon us….hopefully!! When I got home, I brought Charlee outside with me and we ran around like maniacs for a little bit.


For dinner, Alex and I made scrumptious taco salads. In them went: chopped ice burg lettuce, low-fat cottage cheese, lean turkey meat, black beans, tomatillo salsa, low-fat shredded cheese, and pico de gallo. So satisfying!  No picture was taken because by the time I thought about it, my salad was just about gone.


Have a great day!!







Mixing Up My Workouts

I went and worked out with a friend of mine today and we targeted legs and finished off with some cardio. We superset all of our exercises which kept the heart rate up, so with that, not much cardio was needed at the end of this workout. Plus, my legs are still sore from Mondays workout!



We got on the stair master for 10 minutes afterwards and I was dripping sweat!


Seriously, the last minute was the longest. minute. ever.

We recently signed up for an actual gym membership..thank goodness!! I was getting a little tired of our gym at our apartment complex. It is super tiny and has very limited options as far as machines, cardio, etc and if you went during a busier time, good luck getting your workout done in a timely manner. I love our new gym! It’s large and offers so many fun sounding group classes which I was really starting to miss in my workouts. I am excited to try some out and give my feedback. Also, the trainers are super friendly and always willing to give pointers and suggestions.

It also has a rogue fitness “jungle gym” which is basically where I spend most of my time when I am there. Super fun and interesting.

Classes that peak my interest: pilates, YOGA!, spin, cardio kickboxing, bootcamp.

I would like to incorporate 1-2 of these classes in my weekly workouts. It will mix things up and confuse my muscles which is a good thing.

I have also set up a challenge for myself this month: 50 pull ups a day with different grip variations; 25 in the AM and 25 in the PM. I would like to be able to do 25 in a row at the end of this month. Keep ya posted!


Picture taken from my Instagram: @ashleynicole_fitbliss


Have a great rest of your Thursday!


It Happens


I did not sleep well last night. I woke up around 4am and was wide awake! I guess I had a lot on my mind. I should have just gotten out of bed and gone to the gym but instead, I laid there…thinking about all the things. Ugh! I eventually fell asleep after Alex left for work around 6 to only be woken up by Charlee sneezing! It scared me so bad..I thought the world was ending and it was game over for sleep after that noise. Do you ever hear something fall or make a noise at night and it just scares you SO BAD?!?



I think I need to start up meditation or do more yoga or just run. I think all of the above would be a great thing to incorporate into my weekly workouts. Yep, I am now on a mission to find a yoga/meditation studio. Once this cold weather breaks, I will start running a whole lot more outdoors as well. It really does calm my mind and I am so much more in tune with my body and how it feels during my runs. I am not by any means a runner. It is really hard for me but that is what I like about it…the challenge! I have been following Hungry Runner Girl’s blog for over 3years and she is such a motivation! Killer runner and an amazing person!


Anyways, I finally rolled out of bed around 8am and went to the gym. I hopped on the spin bike for 20 minutes and then went to conquer legs, but when I got to the smith machine, I just didn’t have any energy. I still pumped out 30 front squats, 30 back squats, BOSU ball with DB squats, curtsy lunges with DB, speed skaters with medicine ball, OH med ball step ups on bench, bridges with barbell, and 30 box jumps.  I used my interval timer for most of my workout which I love!! I stretched for about 15 minutes afterwards to get my heart rate down.


Not all workouts will be what we expect them to be but as long as you make it to the gym, you’ll never regret any workout!

I have a date at Lululemon today with one of my favorite peeps here in Columbus and I can’t wait! I love that place. I also wish they weren’t so expensive. Maybe they should create another line that is more affordable but still cute and lasts just as long as their current line? Until then, I am just going to have to shop there once a month so I can buy all the things!! Right Alex?!?! 😉

I am off to study, eat, shop, eat, and study some more. BYeeee!

PS: I have THIS SONG on repeat….amazeballs!!!


Question: What do you do when you can’t go back to sleep at night?


Meal Prepping


My workout this morning involved a lot of core work which is my favorite! I warmed up with 20 minutes on the arc trainer and ended it with some HIIT aka box jumps, jump rope and burpeeeeeees!

core work

click to make larger

Here are some links to some of the exercises since a few of you have asked me to post examples!

Cable Crunches:

Cable Woodchoppers:

Cable Leg Swings or Cable Toe Touch: I swing both legs at the same time but this is another variation!



Planks with knee pull: I do this while balancing on a BOSU ball.



Leg Raises with DB: I grip the actual pull up bar since my gym doesn’t have straps.

For some time now, I have been an advocate of meal planning. Each weekend, I put together a list of meals for the upcoming week so that I don’t have to go to the grocery store at all during the week and try to figure out lunch or dinner. It saves money, time and keeps us on track with healthy eating!


Typically, I do my shopping on Sundays or Mondays. I hit up Traders Joe’s and then Kroger if TJ’s didn’t have what I needed. The items you will most likely find in our cart on a weekly basis:

  • asparagus
  • fresh spinach
  • bell peppers
  • brussel sprouts
  • carrots
  • sweet onion
  • artichokes
  • spaghetti squash
  • avocado<—I eat one everyday!
  • apples
  • bananas
  • grapefruit
  • blueberries
  • lean ground turkey
  • chicken breasts
  • salmon
  • tilapia
  • multi grain bread
  • cottage cheese
  • meatless breakfast patties (TJ’s are delicious)
  • eggs
  • almond milk
  • organic vanilla yogurt (TJ’s)
  • frozen mango, strawberries, blueberries

I mix up our meals weekly to keep it interesting. Just recently, we started meal prepping our lunches and snacks. We will cook up some protein and roast vegetables and place each individualized meal in the fridge so it is easy to grab for lunch or after a workout. I am loving this now as it is a huge time saver and I feel great after eating. I also hard boiled eggs, cut up carrots and celery, made a huge batch of overnight oats, and of course keep lots of avocados. I also make my own artichoke pesto and cook up a spaghetti squash to keep in the fridge for a snack.


Alex bought a dry erase board for our weekly meals and little notepads so we can keep track of what we are eating as well as our workouts. We can’t wait to see all our hard work come together!


Have a great Tuesday!