Hey Guys!


I was at the gym yesterday…shocker…and I noticed this guy carrying around this little tub of something. Then he opened it up and poured it in his water and I asked him what it was. He said it was Super HD which burns fat and gives you energy while working out. He said he stacks it with another pre-workout. I just looked at him like he was cray.

I have always been the type of person where I don’t even like to take Tylenol for headaches, so when I entered into this competition I was happy to hear my coach say that she doesn’t recommend a lot of supplements. Phew! The world of supplements is huge and a lot of products out there aren’t even FDA approved. I did my research and I only use products that have been approved and are as natural as possible.

I was scrolling through IG the other night and one of the accounts I followed popped up. She is in to competitions as well and has a pretty big following but sometimes she sounds like a fool when she promotes a companies products. Creatine, Super pump, explosive pre-workout powder, HD HD HD….what?! And then below her picture she starts rambling about energy production through ATP-PC, glycolysis, and how your body uses energy fast through weightlifting and this product is guaranteed to help create more energy through oxidative blah blah blah.

I am pretty sure half of her followers have never studied the NASM textbook so she lost them at the phrase energy production. Get real girl! I unfollowed her ASAP. Such a tool bag being used as an advertising board for this company.

Anyways, my point is, I use two different supplements mainly for my weightlifting. Whey protein and Amino Acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks for muscle growth. I use mine in powder form and sip on it during workouts. No, it doesn’t give me energy but I have noticed a change in my lean body mass. Whey protein is what I use for protein shakes, oatmeal, I put it in my yogurt and my protein pancakes etc. I have even used it in protein brownies, cookies, and muffins. It’s so fun to experiment. The whey protein I use is by NutriForce Sports and Beverly International UMP.

For my pre-workout energy, I just drink coffee and eat oatmeal.

I also take glucosamine-chondroitin for my joints,fish oil and my multivitamin.

I am done rambling but I just thought I would give you my take on supplements. Just do your research and make sure it isn’t something that may be pulled off the shelves in a few months!

Off to lift!!



I Don’t Hate Cardio

Today’s workout was a good one but my energy level was off. I was still able to get my leg workout done and finish it all off with the stair master, step mill, stair mill, etc. I don’t care what you call it, it’s evil and delicious at the same time.


I owned you.

I  went for 20 minutes at different speeds and stepping variations. Side steps, slow steps with donkey kicks, sprinting….I was shweaty!

I did this workout before the stair master, stepper thing:


I hit up smooooothie king afterwards for my favorite angel food smoothie with vanilla protein and that peanut butter added in to it! MMMmmmmmmm

FYI: I organize my weekly workouts on a white out board so I stay on top of what muscle groups I train. I don’t want to over do it and not see my gainzzzzz. Everyone needs a little rest now! I do switch it up though and do full body workouts every now and then. Gotta keep the gym interesting!

This was my workout yesterday:


I don’t hate cardio but I rarely get on a machine anymore for a lengthy amount of time. My weightlifting keeps my heart rate pumping because I don’t take many breaks and throw in some jumping jacks, jump squats, jumping lunges etc. BUT I do mix it up and yesterday, I did some battle ropes for 4 minutes and that was all I could take. I used my gymboss interval timer to keep me on track.  That ish is hard!! I also ran about a mile outside. Here was my thouight process: I am going to run home from the gym and have Alex take me to my car on his way to the gym. I got about a half mile away and was freezing! I couldn’t warm up…stupid Ohio weather.  So, I turned the wheels around and went back to the gym to grab my car keys. I still ran a mile…oh well.

I also cranked out a 3 minute plank the other day. I don’t know what came over me but I hopped off the couch and just went for it. Charlee provided me with some motivation as she licked my face off for most of it. Anytime I get on the floor she freaks out and becomes this little maniac. Maybe it’s because I am finally on her level?!?


I went to Lululemon yesterday. Day.Made. I wish I could buy the whole store, but instead, I bought a new pair of running capris and a tank. Links for each below!

Tone it Tank


I’m going to be ordering an athletic swim suit soon because that lap pool has been calling my name lately! I received an Athleta catalogue in the mail and have my eyes on a couple of them!

One last thing…I want a hedgehog…particularly this guy…BIDDY!!


source: @biddythehedgehog

You should probably follow this little fella on IG…it’s hard not to laugh and smile at this precious thing!

I’m getting HANGRY…I just yelled at my dog for sneezing on me…..poor thang. Off to eat and play with munchkin and possibly study!


Wedding Recap Part 3

Happy Friday!

I woke up and completed a total upper body workout and 30 minutes on the spin bike. I love spin!!

Here is what my workout looked like:


I performed all the exercises 4×12 each!

The final recap of our wedding is here…enjoy!

After we stopped all the traffic, we walked across the street to The Worthington Inn, where our reception was held and our guests were waiting!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-714


It was such a great place for our reception. It is this super historic building that used to be an Inn and the ballroom where our reception was held was added on in 1901. Love it! Not to mention, the food was outstanding.

We were introduced by Alex’s childhood friend, Brant, who has such a charismatic personality so he was perfect for this duty.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-720

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-722

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-726

He stepped on my dress right here haha

He stepped on my dress right here haha

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-733

We made our rounds and said hi to just about everyone. One of the many great reasons about having a smaller wedding, you can greet everyone and enjoy their company.

We snapped photos with just about everyone and then we all sat down to hear speeches and eat!

I love this photo of Alex's dad and I =)

I love this photo of Alex’s dad and I =)

My brothers gorgeous girlfriend,  Maria and my pretty momma!

My brothers gorgeous girlfriend, Maria and my pretty momma!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-754

Alex's childhood buddies...X-Town!

Alex’s childhood buddies…X-Town!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-768Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-716Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-824

That is the bottle of wine we drank on the night we got engaged.

That is the bottle of wine we drank on the night we got engaged.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-773Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-756

Jamily and her little girl, Eva

Jamily and her little girl, Eva

Alex’s brother, Joe gave a speech that had us all laughing. “I learned that I don’t like roommates”…we love you Joe!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-781

My sister, April got up there as well and nailed it!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-788

Michael, my bro also did a wonderful job for not going up there prepared. I love these two!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-795

Jessica finished off the speeches with a bang. She is absolutely amazing. We have known each other since freshman year of college and she was such a strong support system for me! I am so glad she could make it up for our wedding!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-800



Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-812

Uncle John delivered the prayer before we ate. A few months after our wedding, we went over to his house and he gave us this incredible Bible with a piece of paper in it with the prayer he gave written on it. Such a special gift!

I ate just about everything that was placed in front of me. Endless amounts of bread, salmon, prime rib, salad….lawd there was so much food. I have heard from so many brides that they didn’t even have time to eat the food they paid for at their wedding. Not this girl, I ate it all. Another reason a smaller wedding is such a joy!

After we ate, our photographers scooped us up to take us outside for some sunset pictures. I am really glad they did this because it was another moment of “us” time during our big day and we had fun!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-895

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-932Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-898

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-900Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-949

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-907

It was so cold, so we made it quick and went back inside for the rest of the night.

Our coordinator had us go over to the cake table to cut the cake. Alex got me in the face that little terd!!

yes. that is Alex, Charlee and I on top of our cake.

yes. that is Alex, Charlee and I on top of our cake.

I ate four pieces.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-964

I laugh out loud at this picture

I laugh out loud at this picture

We then went over to the dance floor for our first dance. I loved this moment. I am pretty sure we were just trying to make each other laugh the whole time.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-982Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-987

We also had a piano player show up to play some live music. It was so unique having him there and our guests could request songs as well.

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-999

This little guy got the party started!

Let's do this ya'll!!

Let’s do this ya’ll!!

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1016

Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-1010

I was so hot so I had help holding up my dress.

I was so hot so I had help holding up my dress.

So much dancing and laughter! My most memorable moment of the night came at the end when everyone formed a circle around Alex and I and we just danced and made our way around to everyone to hug and kiss them and thank them for celebrating with us. This was not planned or scripted which made it so so cool!

We left the reception site and extended the night at a really neat bar down the road from our hotel. I am not sure what time we made it back to the hotel but when we got to our room there was a giant pizza waiting for Alex and I. Thanks Ben!!!! So clutch!

The weekend went by super fast but I am so happy with how everything turned out. It really was a perfect wedding and I can’t think of one flaw.

Thank you to everyone who made it so special! We love you all!!!