More Hours Please!

Happy Monday!


She looks like an ewok!


I woke up and started my first day of my training with a leg workout at the gym followed by uphill interval sprints for 20 minutes.

This workout left me sweaty although I couldn’t help but be annoyed at how packed it was at the gym this morning.

All I wanted to do was use the smith machine for squats but instead some guy sat there for 30 minutes using it for an arm workout. FYI: There were two benches open for this use for him. So, I grabbed one of the bars off the bench and took it to the group fitness room to do my squats. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I am also getting acquainted to my meal plan and all my macros I need to consume a day. Here’s to time management and learning about nutrition and fueling my body to get the results my coach and I want to see!

I also have to be to work at 6 and I still have 4 meals I need to eat (it’s 3:15). This is hilarious.

I may not be posting quit as much in the next week or so because I will be in FLORIDA this weekend for a wedding. WOO Hoo! Wedding season has definitely sprung.

Give me a fall wedding any any though.


Alex & Ashley {Wedding}-648

Have a good one!